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¶ … Social Ethics of Negative Advertising: A Series of Examples

Although most marketing professionals and consumers agree that people buy more when they feel better, a great deal of advertising has gone negative. Despite its recent popularity, the continuum of negative and positive advertising is not a new topic. In fact, Weinberger, Romeo, and Piracha's 1991 study of negative product safety news in the automotive industry found that "negative information about products in the marketplace is pervasive," and that "negativity tends to denigrate the object of communication" (pp.1). In 1993, Jain's study of negative advertising found that negative advertisements elicited a counter response in viewers, in addition to being accepted less by viewers than the positive ads. Despite this information, however, negative ads continue to run. Although negative advertisement concerning products is a problem in itself, the consequences of negative advertising are not simply material. In fact, a second type of negative advertising -- negative social advertising -- is having profound ethical and moral effects on the markets it targets. Whether they're considered negative because they tend to offend the target market with shock techniques, are less than tasteful, have an adverse effect on consumer values, or encourage customers to buy products they don't really need, a few examples of these socially negative advertisements prove that these ads have dire social consequences.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Negative Advertising Assignment

For example, one of the direst social consequences of these negative advertisements it the way with which they treat casual sex and sexually transmitted diseases. For instance, a recent advertisement on the back of Rolling Stone magazine promoted a drug for genital herpes by proclaiming that one partner had herpes, one didn't, and this drug allowed them to keep it that way. Although a drug for containing genital herpes is not a product in poor taste, but rather an important medical stride, this article's treatment of genital herpes as normal is in poor taste. Additionally, this advertisement suggests that those with the disease can have sex with healthy individuals without risk of passing the disease. Although the drug may make the transfer less likely, it is still possible. The product's marketing representative may have chosen to market the product in this way to give hope, but instead, it encourages unprotected sex with negative social consequences.

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