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Therefore, Hillary is already appealing to the right demographics she needs but she needs to drive up their enthusiasm so they bring the proverbial five friends out to the polls as well as voting for Hillary themselves (Jones, 2016).

Hillary's Narrative

The following narrative approach emphasizes Hillary's core strengths, showing that she is the compassionate candidate who advocates for all Americnas, especially the disenfranchised. Narrative information is from Biography: "Hillary Clinton," (n.d.))

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The narrative format of Hillary's campaign is fairly straightforward, as the story of Hillary's life says it all. She was born in Chicago, and went to Wellesley College for her undergraduate and then Yale University for her law degree. Yale is where she met Bill Clinton, her future husband. Although she was once a Young Republican, hearing a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. turned her political views upside-down and she became a Democrat who advocated on behalf of all Americans. One of Hillary's first jobs after law school was working at the Yale Child Study Center, where she could advocate on behalf of poor children and their families. She later received work in Washington, always remaining focused on social justice issues. For example, Hillary worked on Walter Mondale's subcommittee on migrant workers, which is why she is the candidate who can support the rights and social justice issues of migrant workers today. Hillary even served for a time on the Nixon impeachment staff; she has been the voice of integrity in American politics.

Although obscured by her husband's rise to political power, Hillary was working all throughout Bill's tenure, as an attorney and passionate advocate for children's rights such as chairing the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee, and co-founding the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. As her political career progressed, she ran for the 2008 Democratic nominee but lost to Obama, and was later appointed to one of the most important jobs in the nation: Secretary of State, where she represented the United States in over 100 nations.

Term Paper on negative campaign ads but not really Assignment

Super PACs and Potential Allies

Super PACs do not directly donate to the Hillary campaign but their funds can be use to enhance the campaign's marketing strategy. One Superpac that supports Hillary is Priorities USA Action with $132,284,461 in expenditures ("Super PACs," n.d). This and especially the Women Vote! Superpac, which has over $33 million in expenditures, will prove vital support ("Super PACs," n.d.). Potential allies that Hillary needs to cultivate relationships with include Planned Parenthood, and especially the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Other groups focused on women's issues and on social justice issues need to be directly approached for their support in this campaign.

Media: Social, Earned, and Paid

Social media strategies need to be treated separately from other media because of the unique features of social media. Paid media will include television ad placements.


Negative attack ads will be used judiciously, including the "Hand to Hand Combat" themed one. However, the overall campaign strategy should focus on the positive elements that encourage voters to take to the polls.

Path to Victory

This communications plan helps Hillary to carve out a unique path to victory based on her accomplishments, her future vision, and also on her clear differences from Donald Trump.


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