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I feel that this party is a collaborative bargainer. Power at the bargaining table is derived from one's attitude that the best interests of both parties are at heart, while retaining the knowledge that one's own interests are superior. This allows one to engage in meaningful dialogue, to create value and stimulate interest in the item through appeals to the professional or personal interests of the other party.

To compromise, as this party tends to do in negotiation, reveals a tendency to avoid conflict and tension and to find a middle ground that might be agreeable to both parties. This kind of "give and take" attitude, however, is essentially the weaker stance at the negotiating table. If one is overly concerned with the expectations of the other party, one tends to give in to appeals to maintain good relations between the parties and give in on terms within the agreement that may be undesirable to one's own position without assurances that an equal or greater value might be given in return. To correct this, the basic attitude of "give and take" might be maintained, with the stipulation that for a compromise or capitulation on one side, one would expect an equal or greater compromise or capitulation to be laid out on the other side. This would take a careful, watchful and periodic review of expectations by both sides on this party's part, and review of whether the agreements gained at the table are in one's best interests. One's bargaining style, one's goals and expectations, one's relationships, one's leverage, one's authoritative standards and norms, as well as the other party's interests all must come into play in effective ways in order to come to a successful end of negotiations: commitment. "Negotiation is, in short, a kind of universal dance.... And it works best when both parties are experienced dancers."

II. "Only free men can negotiate. Prisoners cannot enter into contracts." Nelson Mandela

Negotiating power is a term that means the power that the bargaining partner has when approaching the negotiating table. It is derived from one's knowledge of what one has to offer and of the other party's desires and abilities. Power or lack of it allows one to either engage in integrative bargaining, or in capitulation and distribution. When one feels the other party has more power, one is immediately at a disadvantage and therefore more apt to capitulate. The advice that one might give someone who is feeling they are bargaining from a disadvantaged position is to remember their own value and how it potentially weighs more than their bargaining partner's, when one considers one philosophical stance and one's integrity. One's philosophy, when compared with the philosophical paradigm of the other party, must be ever-present to inspire and compel. Whether one's philosophical power comes from the knowledge and value of one's monetary worth, or from political or supporters' backing, or from knowledge of one's own, intrinsic value or value of one's convictions, the ends of the negotiation must justify the means, the terms that eventually are agreed upon, or BATNA (Best Alternative To Negotiating Agreement). Nelson Mandela must have believed this as he sat in his cell and waited for the day when he would be able to negotiate his country's freedom, righteously asserting his and his fellow countrymen's… [END OF PREVIEW]

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