Negotiating Procter and Gamble Exhibits Case Study

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Demand and supply planning should be carried out by sharing information and communicating 'bottom line interest openly and candidly. This will help P&G pursue long-term growth while not disregarding customer's margins.

Recommendations: P&G should revisit her organizational culture making its more inclusive and less 'sales oriented'. Business development should definitely be the focus but not at the expense of customer relationship (as the latter in lifelong rewarding aspect for a company). Internally the company (P&G) should develop cross-functional team to manage 'corporate accounts' like those of Wal-Mart. This will help reduce departmental friction within the company. Externally, the company should propose Wal-Mart to have 'supply chain management' based on VMI or JIT models.


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Exhibit I

Asymmetric Information Model

Source: (Simatupang & Sridharan, 2002)

Exhibit II

Case Study on Negotiating Procter and Gamble Exhibits Assignment

Collaborative and Symmetric Information Channel

Source: (Simatupang & Sridharan, 2002)
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