Negotiation Strategies and Procedures Essay

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Negotiation Strategies and Procedures

Genius Company

Genius Company is an organization dealing with assembling and selling of Motor GP automobiles. The company is a private sector with seventy permanent employees, twenty-seven non-permanent employees, five branches in the city of Georgia, and various salespersons. The company has existed since its 2006 inauguration. The operations and responsibilities of many employees deal with reception, inspection, assembling, and furnishing on various Motor GPs under order. Many of the activities deal with production and marketing of the product from the company.

Conflicts are not rampant in this company. One of the configured conflicts was the one that broke between one of the employees, and one of the sector managers, Sector manager. This conflict happened and exemplified within the company's working apartment. The employee supported the idea of connecting the driver's seat in one of the complete Motor GP. On the other hand, the sector manager was for a contrary idea. The clash of ideas and failure of one to step down over the other attracted a heated debate, which has persisted and appeared to divide the workers into two, some in sector manager's side while others in the employee's side. The company's organization is not happy with the conflict perceived (Abramson, 2004).

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The company has involved a number of measures and strategies in order to have the employee and sector manager get to a common agreement so that the conflicting groups, formed after the outbreak of the conflict, can get together for the sake of the company's productivity. In my perception, the sector manager and his ideologies, was on the right. I support him because he gave a realistic and practical suggestion that could let the driver's seat be fixed firmly without compromising the security of the user. The employee's ideas were based on trial and error, and hence could not be applied when dealing with an almost-ready product (Northouse, 2011).

Part II

TOPIC: Essay on Negotiation Strategies and Procedures Assignment

After the conflict seemed to advance into the entire working employees in the company, the manager, one of the conflict management managers, had to involve his powers and ideas as concerns the wishes and objectives of the company. In order to get the two conflicting groups together, the conflict manager had to collect sufficient information from both sides of individuals and groups under conflict. This was done by making a meeting with every worker, observers who happened to have witnessed the eruption of the conflict, and the general observers who were not part of the working group at that time (Fisher, Ury, Patton, 1991).

After collecting equitable information, the conflict manager of the company, had to summon the employee and sector manager into the negotiation table. In the first place, the two conflicting individuals seemed not to have their will to meet and have the issue sorted. Nevertheless, due to the conviction they received from the conflict manager in charge, they availed themselves at the negotiation table (Shachar, 2011). The manager then had to take them one… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Negotiation Strategies and Procedures Essay

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