Negotiations Although Not an Actual Batmobile Term Paper

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Although not an actual Batmobile, my son's 1964 Plymouth Fury nevertheless has some salient selling features which I hoped to convey to potential buyers. The Fury may not be able to fly or perform any remotely fancy functions, but my son had diligently rebuilt the engine to mint condition and the car drives wonderfully. Even if the car is not a collector's item, at least its buyer will be satisfied with a purchase that will be far less expensive than other used cars on the market. Moreover, the car retains some degree of panache as a vintage automobile, and in spite of its cosmetic flaws has an aesthetic appeal. Only one buyer appeared genuinely interested: my partner in the simulation. Our process of negotiation proceeded much as a typical by-owner sale would. We compromised on the price. I, the owner, asked for $500 and my partner, the buyer, offered $300 in keeping with the offer by the salvage company. Settling on $400 represented a bland compromise that did not involve true collaboration because of the nature of the deal. The simulation revealed several potential weaknesses in the negotiation process and revealed how surprisingly challenging a seemingly simple negotiation can become.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Before entering into negotiations in earnest, I should have refused to grow deterred by the lack of demand for the Plymouth Fury. Without an official market valuation of the automobile, such as through the Hemings listing, I floundered throughout the negotiations procedure. Essentially I based the automobile's value on the salvage operator's offer of $300. My undervaluing the car stemmed directly from my fears that I would be lucky to get a penny more than $300. As a motivated seller, I started my bargaining too low and assumed the car was worth much less than it actually was, at least to my son and me. The Best Alternative to Negotiation Agreement (BATNA) might have been $300, but a more skilled negotiator would have dismissed such as low BATNA price and confidently assumed… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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