Negotiations Strategies and Outcomes: Camp Term Paper

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Even assuming a fixed pie perspective, that neither party could keep as much territory in the disputed Sinai as he wished for his nation both individuals could have been said to have been tactically sucessful in achieving their objectives. Sadat, in November 1977 became the first Arab leader to visit Israel, thereby implicitly recognizing the land and thus encouraged the United States to help improve the troubled Egyptian economy. Sadat's visit strove to make Egypt seem like a more moderate nation than it had been during the Six-Day War that had resulted in the acquisition of the contested terriotires. (Hammel, 2002) Prime Minister Begin, by refusing to squander goodwill, thus showed a willingness to engage with Sadat, as Begin did not wish to seem intransient in comparision to the Arab leader.

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Also, less obvious to either Sadat or Carter at the time, Israel was really more comfortable dealing with a purely Eguptian delegation than an Arab faction interested in advancing both Palestinian as well as Egyptian intersts. Thus Begin had an interest in a so-called summit diplomacy strategy of isolating Egypt from other Arab lands and weakening the Arab position, a framing strategy Sadat may have been unaware of at the time to the degree that Begin practiced it. Still, particularly difficult situation arose on day ten of the talks. The issues of Israeli settlement withdrawal from the Sinai and the status of the West Bank seemed to create an impasse, and the mediating Carter had to concede the issue of the West Bank to Begin, while contiuinging to advocate Sadat's less controversial position on the removal of all settlements from the Sinai Peninsula.

Term Paper on Negotiations Strategies and Outcomes: Camp Assignment

Because of Carter's willingness to broach differences, rather than to encourage negotiator overconfidence and intransience on either side, the compromised result was the Camp David Accords. Initially, Egypt was ostracized by other Arab states following the accords, although all have since reestablished relations with Egypt and reopened their embassies in Cairo. The framework agreement regarding the future of Judea, Samaria and Gaza was less clear and was later interpreted differently by Israel, Egypt, and the United States, so the final stipulations of the agreement were not wholly successful. Still, the rest of the Arab world regained its peaceful relations with Egypt, eventually, and the Middle East was made a relatively safer place because of the accords. It is difficult to see cognitive mistakes as affecting the negotiations at any juncture, given the overall success and the relatively balanced outcome for both national interests.

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