Neo Liberalism Explain How Neo-Liberalism Agrees Journal

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Neo Liberalism

Explain how Neo-Liberalism agrees with Neo-Realism

Neo-liberalism is focusing on different nations states and private entities working together to improve trade among the various actors. This is designed to provide everyone with a foundation for addressing critical challenges and improving cooperation. When this takes place, the odds of seeing various disputes and hostilities are decreased as there are reduced chances for conflicts occurring. (Dunne, 2012, pp. 116 -- 120)

Under neo-realism, these ideas mean that everyone will abide by various agreements. This is because it is in their best interests to follow these practices and ensure that they are maintaining the status quo. As their economic survival and self-interest will depend on how quickly they can adjust with challenges. At the same time, they have to ensure that they working within the general framework in these areas. (Dunne, 2012, pp. 116 -- 120)

In this aspect, both neo-liberalism and neo-realism's objectives are sharing the same interests. The way that this is occurring, is through establishing a framework that everyone can agree upon. When this happens, their ability to receive the long-term benefits will ensure that they do not engage in activities that will destroy their ability to survive and become an important player on the world stage. (Dunne, 2012, pp. 116 -- 120)

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These goals are helping nations to avoid the most common challenges. While ensuring; that there is a level playing field for everyone to follow. The only way that these provisions are enforceable is based upon the long-term consequences that will occur from someone who is failing to abide by these accords. It is at this point when they will make certain that they are meeting their obligations. This is based upon their self-interest aligning with international standards. (Dunne, 2012, pp. 116 -- 120)

Journal on Neo Liberalism Explain How Neo-Liberalism Agrees With Assignment

Moreover, various international institutions are designed to ensure that there is added support provided to different nation states. This is utilized to help encourage economic growth and development. However, one of the challenges is that these entities will often become a part of the larger political objectives for the most influential countries. This is when they can impose standards that will impact the behavior of various actors based upon the policies that are imposed. (Dunne, 2012, pp. 116 -- 120)

In this case, neo-liberalism and neo-realism are achieving the same goal. This is occurring with the development of large multinational entities. That is designed to enhance their protection of international standards and agreements. Yet, at the same time, many of these organizations are overly influenced by the largest members… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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