Neo-Vygotskian Approach to Child Development Term Paper

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¶ … mediation and in what cases should be used to develop children's ability for sociodramatic play?

According to Vygotsky and his followers, children's social environments must be mediated by adults, so that children develop into fully functional adults. Unlike previous developmental theorists, Vygotsky did not believe that children 'naturally' met developmental milestones without direction. Adults must engage in social interactions with children and help shape the types of psychological tools the children will use as adults. However, this 'mediating' is not necessarily authoritative in nature. An adult should ideally play a supportive role when the child is engaged in play, "resourcing, expanding and deepening learning dialogues between people and between different perspectives" (Wegerif, 2007). An adult observing child at play, for example, does not have to tell a child what to do, but might ask, for example "how does the doll feel," or "who is that sad person in the picture," to direct the child's attention to a specific lesson the adult is attempting to reinforce.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Neo-Vygotskian Approach to Child Development Assignment

Play, formal learning, or other 'lead' activities must enable children to be more functional in school and in the community. Children need to learn language and other vital skills necessary to enable them to function with others. They must learn to listen to peers and adults, and learning how to do so informs their own creative and observational skills and abilities. Teachers can create the opportunity for 'shaped' experience that points the children in a desired direction, of learning and socially appropriate behavior as well as directly lead students in the classroom. "When creating a quality sociodramatic play environment, parents or teachers should create a center that appeals to the children, promote the story lines, and evaluate the play. When choosing a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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