Network-Centric Approach to Disaster Management Research Paper

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The network centric approach provides a free uninterrupted flow of information which is accessible to all layers of the network and its components. It also encourages real time operation awareness and reduces the heavy handed influence of distant command centers on the tactical situation on the ground as indicated by von Lubitz et al., (2006).

However on the other hand it may be argued that the functionalities offered by network centric approach are either of no or very limited impacts during small well contained local adverse events for instant floods, this is also explicit as many incidents show that local response to a disaster becomes part of a larger national effort. The process of mobilization at the national and international level may also add further confusion and disarray. At times subsequent confusion may be instigated by inter-agency frictions, political power plays and a lot of bureaucracy.

Therefore, it is imperative to state that with its cardinal components of effective management and leadership in times of crisis international organizations should implement it.


Jeroen M.M. Neuvel & Henk J. Scholten & Adri van den Brink, (2010). From Spatial Data to Synchronized Actions: The Network-centric Organization of Spatial Decision Support for Risk and Emergency Management. Retrieved July 31, 2012 from full Download Microsoft Word File
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Research Paper on Network-Centric Approach to Disaster Management Assignment

von Lubitz, Beakley, Patircelli:( 2006). All hazards approach to network-centric disaster management: the role of information and knowledge management, and boyd's ooda loop in disaster leadership. Retrieved July 31, 2012 from
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