Business Proposal: Network Design Proposal Network Requirements

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[. . .] Such servers are easily maintained with secure software like SSH (McQuerry, 2004; Power, 2002).

Workgroup Servers

Dell Power Edge 2650 will installed that possess up to 2 Intel® Xeon Processors. The desired range of processor will be 2 GHz to 3.06GHz. Some of the notable features of the processor are:

Hyper-Threading Technology;

NetBurst Micro-Architecture;

Hard Drive Bays for 5 X 1";

256 MB - 12GB 200 MHz DDR SDRAM; and Hot-Plug SCSI Drives .

Enterprise Servers

Dell PowerEdge 6650, which shall be up to 4 Intel® Xeon Processors will have Processor Speeds of 2, 2.5, & 2.8 GHz. Some of the notable features are:

Hyper-Threading Technology;

NetBurst Micro-Architecture;

Up to 2MB Built-in L3 Cache;

512 MB - 32GB 200 MHz DDR SDRAM;

Hot-Plug SCSI Drives; and Hard Drive Bays for 5 X 1."

Proxy/Cache/Content Filtering

At each school, Proxy/Cache/Content Filtering server is used in order to protect the students and the faculty members from getting access to inappropriate content, for reducing the legal liability, for increasing the productivity, and for conserving the WAN bandwidth. This server would be running as an Operating System, the Red Hat Linux, and for proxy server the Squid would be used whereas Websense will be used as content filtering software. Network bandwidth is going to be kept conserved by the server by storing the Internet content and by requesting the users to deliver the same information. The chances of traversing the Internet and the WAN would be eliminated in this way (McQuerry, 2004; Power, 2002).

Red Hat Linux

Secondary DNS

Server Operating System


Conserve Bandwidth

Proxy Server Software

Websense Enterprise V5

Inappropriate content is filtered here

Cluster Servers

For providing data base and terminal services to the users, cluster servers are the best recommendation. For the faculty members and the students, this kind of cluster software will look like a single system. CAT5e Gigabit Ethernet connection, commonly known as heartbeat is used by the servers to communicate with one another. With the help of separate VLANs and subnets, the heartbeats would be kept completely isolated from the entire network. With the help of these connections, the computers become able to balance the load, which was previously not possible for the stand alone computers (Botsford, 2011).

High Availability & Load Balancing

For avoiding a point of failure these clusters came into being. Now stuff like applications can be easily distributed to a number of computers, thus achieving a degree of parallelism and providing greater availability (Botsford, 2011).


An environment which consists of clustered servers is highly scalable due to the fact that it increases the computing potential of the computers by adding greater number of processors to the servers (Botsford, 2011).

Ease of Administration

This cluster thus, appears as a single unit which becomes easier for the administrators to manage and use. Under normal working hours the administration would be able to carry out the maintenance work. Admin department would not be required to stay late or work on weekends (Botsford, 2011).

Inexpensive Hardware

It is not necessary to use expensive servers in case of clustered environment (Botsford, 2011). The main reasons are load balancing and redundancy.

Terminal Servers

Windows 2003 terminal services are ideal as far as terminal servers are concerned. It is less expensive and the administration could also be handled easily. Moreover, it supports Linux Operating System at the workstation (Botsford, 2011).

High Availability of Information

Students and teachers can access their accounts from anywhere they wish. They could also log on to their personal files and can set desired settings (Botsford, 2011).

Ease of Administration

It is easier for the network administrator to fix the bug at run time and also guide the user if the bug is found again in future (Begin Linux, 2010).

Inexpensive Workstation Hardware

It reduces the work load since all the processing is done by the terminal server whereby, the workstation is only left to deal with the send and request process (Begin Linux, 2010).

Linux Workstations

Linux workstations help in cutting off the cost of Windows operating systems. ABC School can simply use the "rdesktop" to get connected to Windows 2003 terminal server (Begin Linux, 2010).

ABC Campus Network/Wiring Diagram

A fine research has been done to figure out the location of MDFs and IDfs that were used by the ABC school. Rough visuals were created to get closer to the desired results. The visuals include different premises of the school and the structure of the class rooms. It also contained the administration department and the POP. These visuals were then used by a legend who could explain the exact structure of the school and the conduit systems that are used by schools of the same caliber.

The following diagram represents a network design, which was created using Microsoft Visio replica, for having an accurate idea regarding the distance existing between IDFs and MDFs and individual classroom and IDFs. This distance is essential to determine because classroom workstations and IDF are connected via CAT5e cable which bears a maximum distance capability of 100 meters = 328 ft. MDF and IDF are connected via multi-mode fiber optic cable which possesses a maximum distance capability of 220 meters = 722ft.

Security Measures & Network Management

Security breaches have become quite common all over the world which has led to serious and enormous problems hindering network functionality and integrity. The core aim of the network design revolves around preventing such intrusions from occurring within LAN and WAN design. The security and network management is divided into seven different categories namely: operational security, surveillance, access rights, auditing, viruses, external security and passwords (Payne, 2006).

External Security

All the cabinets, MDFs, and IDFs would be locked, and only the Network Administrator will have all the keys and will be entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of all sorts of entry into the cabinets and the closets. This will be instrumental in preventing any physical access from conducting any sort of malicious act to the equipment. A device will be installed at the doors of each cabinet and closet where a wireless signal would be transmitted to a pager when the door gets opened. This ensures security as the network administrator will get to know through the pager if any access is made to the cabinet or the closet (Payne, 2006).

The networking equipment is kept in the closet where it is easy to control the temperature. Closets having windows are not advised for usage as windows will let the sunshine in which will increase the closet's temperature. The rise in temperature decreases the life expectancy of computer circuits and also strains out the capacity of any existing air conditioning equipment. The probability of vandalism increases with the usage of external windows (Payne, 2006).

High quality surge protectors are also deployed on all devices requiring electrical current for preventing electrical damage to the networking equipment (Payne, 2006).

Operational Security

Operational security is required for limiting the usage access of the system. It incorporates who can use the system and when can one operate the system. Employees who do not need sensitive data areas are not provided with its access. For example, teacher files or administration files cannot be accessed by students, and administration information cannot be accessed by teachers. The information of the school is divided into information access groups by the network administrator. It is the network administrator who determines who needs to be present in each group and what access rights are to be catered to each group (Payne, 2006).

Access to the system could also be limited on the basis of days in a week or any time of the week. The network design incorporates a lockout of network access on weekends and at nights as well. Moreover, network is also limited at certain times of the week or day (Payne, 2006).


Surveillance tends to be an excellent deterrent to computer vandalism and theft in the view of several network administrators. Video cameras are placed at key locations which deter criminal and lends a hand in identifying criminals in cases of theft or vandalism. The proposed network design is based on Hawk-Eye recessed dome camera which has the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees and possesses a tilt angle of +/- 90 degrees (Payne, 2006).

The proposed network design uses IP-based video on the cameras which helps the administrators at the district office and at school to monitor all the on-going activity (Payne, 2006).

The electronic management will be able to monitor the system requests and data flow cycle by means of an alternative surveillance mechanism known as intrusion detection. This will enable immediate operations of protective mechanisms, in case an unauthorized movement is detected (Payne, 2006)

Passwords and ID Systems

All the firewall systems protecting confidential and private data, needs verification using a personal identification number (PIN), password or any other personal information, before allowing access to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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