Network Management System Assessment

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Network Management

Define network management

The planning, implementing, securing and managing network systems across an enterprise are the foundational elements of effective network management. As information technologies (IT) have become integral to the strategic plans of organizations, network management has grown to include operations management and optimization techniques, advanced administration features and streamlined provisioning of network resources (Gupta, 2006). Of these areas, network management continues to see the greatest levels of innovation in the areas of optimizing and streamlining security and access authentication. The use of constraint-based programming techniques and linear programming has led to rapid advances in traffic routing and bandwidth management (Netak, Kiwelekar, 2006).

Constraint-based algorithms are also being successfully used for managing the areas of frequency allocation (Gupta, 2006), destination routing analysis and optimization of network performance (Merilainen, Lemmetyinen, 2011) and preventative maintenance management (Netak, Kiwelekar, 2006). Provisioning network bandwidth across the full spectrum of enterprise locations in a globally-based organization requires the continual fine-tuning of constraint-based algorithms to ensure optimal performance (Merilainen, Lemmetyinen, 2011). The use of constraint-based algorithms to optimize the performance of fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) functions within a network management system continues to accelerate as a result.

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What should you consider when choosing a network management system and tools for your organization?

TOPIC: Assessment on Network Management System Assignment

Beginning with the foundational elements of fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) as defined in ISO standards (Gupta, 2006) and progressing to constraint-based optimization techniques for network performance (Merilainen, Lemmetyinen, 2011) there are many factors to consider when choosing network management systems and tools for an enterprise. None of the current suites offered by enterprise software and network management vendors can successfully meet every requirement of the ISO model. Therefore Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and network managers need to define their network management requirements based on the strategic plan and objectives of their organizations (Netak, Kiwelekar, 2006). Defining a framework that seeks to align strategic plans and objectives to the specific needs of a network management platform is essential for the system to scale over time to the specific needs of the enterprise.

The most critical component of any network management system is security. This area of the ISO standards is the most comprehensive of the five factors, as it envelopes the entire network management architecture (Lee, Moon, 1993). This is also the area that requires the greatest expertise to choose the best possible solution for a given enterprises' needs (Gupta, 2006). CIOs and network managers need to determine precise requirements and standards for Internet Protocol Security levels and configurability options (Lee, Moon, 1993) in addition to definitions of Quality of Service (QoS) metrics of performance as well. The majority of network management systems also support Simple Network Management Protocols (SNMP)… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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