Network News Critique Essay

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Network News Critique

What it means to be a Native American Indian in the 21st Century, and 2011

The contemporary general public is still having problems abandoning stereotypes regarding Native Americans, even with the fact that society has allegedly experienced great progress from the time when American Indians were widely discriminated. The Native American community has recently benefited as a result of a series of improvements taking place in several domains involving the group, this proving that the system has partly experienced reform.

Society as a whole is struggling to avoid discrimination from ever happening again in the U.S., with people trying to put across open-mindedness concerning Native Americans. Sundance Institute's Native American and Indigenous Program and the Native American Residential Fellowship Program devised by Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts aim at providing Native Americans with equal opportunities to express themselves and to cultivate their abilities.

The authorities have focused on improving conditions for Native Americans in the 21st century even before the era started. Given the experience that the American government has gathered as a result of its inability to provide sufficient support to the minority during the recent decades, it is essential for it to devise and promote more successful methods of destroying stereotypes (Takamura, 1999, p. 232).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Network News Critique What it Means to Assignment

In spite of the fact that Native Americans are apparently relatively equal to white Americans, matters are very different when looking deeper into the matter. "The special needs of Native American, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiian older people are acknowledged in Title VI of the OAA, which calls for grants to tribal organizations and to an organization that represents Native Hawaiians" (Takamura, 1999, p. 232). Taking this into account, it only seems natural for the government and for the Native American community to express discontent regarding the way that they are normally treated. It is virtually absurd to ignore the discrimination frequently taking place in situations involving Native Americans, as they continue to be considered less capable to be equal or even to rival white Americans in stressing conditions. In spite of the constant discrimination to which Native Americans have been subjected to for the last few centuries, conditions have apparently changed considerably in the recent years, as people grew more and more concerned about this issue and turned their attention to put an end to discrimination (Takamura, 1999, p. 232).

There has been much controversy regarding Native American during the last years, as they came to be supported by a series of influential individuals and institutions. These respective people and groups that chose to break-away from the traditional way that the masses behaved toward Native Americans are responsible for coming up with a series of programs meant to recognize talent and dedication in the people where it exists. Many individuals are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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