Network Security: Opening to the World Term Paper

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Network Security: Opening to the World

The collection of tutorials and demonstrations of Web conferencing software applications shows how pervasive the adoption of social networking design criterion and user interface requirements are today in collaboration software. The pervasive adoption of social media design requirements including usability, all anchored in Web 2.0 design objectives, in addition to multimedia support, is dominating online collaboration platforms of all types (Bernoff, Li, 2008). Taken together the tutorials and product demonstrations illustrate how far the basic concept of Web conferencing has progressed from the initial days of just being able to show a given presentation online (Bisdikian, Brady, Doganata, Foulger, 1998).

State-of-the-Art Web Conferencing

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What is immediately apparent from the series of demos and tutorials seen is how pervasive the ability to interactively communicate on a given presentation, project or report in real-time. The core concepts of Web 2.0 technologies and their design objectives are all predicated on ensuring a high level of shared content development and definition, which are the core design objectives of social networks (Bernoff, Li, 2008). Another aspect of this development is the ability to quickly define roles-based information requirements and needs by participant in any given session, the ability to track activity by role within a given session, and also the option for configuring the audience participation levels of any number of optional channels from online to audio alone. All of these elements taken together are deliberately designed to allow for greater levels of control over the specific web conferencing session. Defining specific attributes and characteristics of each session is now possible, tailoring every aspect of web conferencing for the specific requirements and preferences of each audience and their needs.

Term Paper on Network Security: Opening to the World the Assignment

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