Networking System Support Virtualization Research Proposal

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Networking, System Support, And Virtualization

Network Security refers to any activity designed with the aim of offering protection to the network. The issue of network security and its importance proves to be a crucial issue in relation to ensuring security in the technological market. This relates to the emergence of numerous issues that would affect network and data through malicious attack on the integrity, usability, and reliability of the data and the operating system. Effective and efficient application of the network security should focus on the elimination of a variety of threats and prevent them from invading the network and relevant data. This research aims at examining the need for network security. The research would also illustrate on the way networking security offers protection to corporate and individual users. The research would also address issues or common threats that might affect the security of the network systems within an organization.

Background and Significance of Research

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This research would focus on addressing network security issues in the modern technological world in order to offer maximum protection to the individual and corporate users of the networking systems. This is through application of effective and efficient security measures to provide maximum protection to the confidential information. The issue of networking security is not new to the individual and corporate users (Sharma & Bhadana, 2010, p. 1830). This is because of loss of confidential information and data through external and internal invasion of the networking system. Networking invasion proves to be costly to corporate and individual users thus the need to adopt the security system to offer protection to the networking system (Ambhore et al., 2010, p. 496). It is also crucial for business entities to adopt latest security methods to minimize the essence of incurring losses thus losing competitive advantage within the market and the industry.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Networking System Support Virtualization Assignment

This research would offer vital information to the individual and corporate users of the networking system on how to enhance their security (Manangi 2010, p. 779). This is through evaluation of the need for networking security, its importance in the enhancement of networking protection, and examination of various threats to the networking system in the organizations. The main objective of this research is to provide accurate and valid information to enable organizations and individuals to enhance their network security system with the aim of reducing or preventing malicious invasion of their confidential data (Papaj et al., 2012, p. 164). Companies and other researchers would have the opportunity to apply findings of this research to execute further research exercises. The research would offer accumulative information and data to topple the already researched topic on the network security. It is ideal for all corporations and individual users to enhance the security systems of their networks because of the increase in the level of threats in the modern technological market. Information and confidential data should be safe hence the need to limit invasion by malicious attackers.

Literature Review

A network refers to the connection of two or more computers that communicate and share information or other resources effectively and efficiently (Pandey 2011, p. 4356). Networking refers to the process of sharing information or data using computer as agents of communication. Numerous networks could serve individual and corporate users. Classification of the networks available at the disposal of corporate and individual users includes topology, management, network size, and medium of transmission. Network security refers to the essence of activities developed to offer maximum protection to the networking system. The security measures protect the network system though maximum protection to usability, integrity, and safety of the data. It is ideal for organizations to understand the need and importance of network security in relation to privacy or confidentiality of the network system and relevant data.

Effective and efficient network security has the ability to reduce threats by numerous malicious attackers. Network security system should also provide maximum against spreading of the threat or attack to other sections of the network system. It is crucial for organizations and individuals to understand on the available threats that are available. In the modern society, the spread of threats or attacks are numerous due to influence of the internet. Several attacks are available through the internet. Some of the available threats in relation to networking system include viruses, worms, spyware, adware, zero-day attacks, hackers, interception of data, and theft relating to identity of individuals and corporation. The working of the networking security occurs through hardware and software. The application of software must undergo constant updating and management in order to offer maximum protection in relation to the emerging threats. Networking system involves the application of security components that have the ability to function together thus minimization of maintenance.

Components also focus on improvement of the security of the network while addressing maintenance issues. Common components of network security system entail anti-virus, firewall, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and virtual private networks (VPNs). Firewall acts towards the prevention of unauthorized access to individual and corporate networking system (Bhaya & Alasadi 2011, p. 636). Intrusion prevention Systems (IPS) offers protection to the fast-spreading threats for instance, zero hour attacks. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) provides protection in relation to remote access. Organizations would experience numerous benefits by adopting effective networking security. One of the benefits is the protection against disruption of business activities thus enhancing the productivity of the employees. Networking system would also promote the activities of an organization towards meeting regulatory compliance. Network security also reduces the risk that relate to theft of data or identity (Lihua 2010, p. 204). This is because of maximum protection to consumers' data hence the confidentiality of the information. Organizations also have the ability to develop and enhance its reputation within the market and industry through adoption of effective network security.

Purpose of the Research

This research aims at serving several purposes. These purposes include

To offer accurate information on network security to enhance protection from external and internal attacks

To illustrate on the importance of network security to allow business entities and individual users to adopt and implement relevant measures towards minimization of invasion of the network system

To evaluate valuable information in relation to the network system in the context of organizations and individual users

To identify the need to adopt and implement accurate preventive measures in the form of network security systems within business organizations

To clarify and add to the debate on the network security issue in the modern information and technology market

To identify new developments in the context of network security to offer maximum protection to the individuals and corporations against emerging threats and attacks

To offer adequate confirmation to available resources on the issue of network security

To determine ways of improving network security to help build the image and reputation of an organization within the market and industry

Rationale of the Research

This research is important in that it subscribes to the following benefits

Enhances the image and reputation of an organization

Research would enable organization to enhance the performance of their employees through adoption and implementation of quality network security

The research would also provide accurate information to allow organizations understand the need for network security or protection. This would aid their attempts to meet regulatory compliances that are mandatory in the execution of business activities

The research process would also provide accurate information on how organizations might prevent or combat emerging threats in the modern information technology field.

The research would also provide valuable information on the available threats to provide first step towards protection of the network system.


This research would adopt qualitative research method in order to provide accurate and reliable information in relation to the research questions. This involves the administration of questionnaires and execution of interviews with reference to qualified personnel in the information technology field. The sample population would include approximately 150 individuals with sufficient information on the research questions. Research process would also include evaluation of valid and reliable secondary data on networking security, its needs, importance, and relevant threats that might affect the confidentiality of information and data within the networking systems of an organization. Interviews will involve qualified personnel who might not find ample time to address the issues of the questionnaire. This research would adopt questionnaire because of its ability to provide accurate and reliable data in the context of large samples.

Since the process would require participation of numerous individuals, it is cost-effective to adopt the administration of questionnaires in the process of acquiring information. Population of the study would undergo random selection to minimize essence of biasness during the research process. Qualitative research method and administration of questionnaires and interviews as research instruments would provide reliable information to facilitate generalization of the findings. This would offer valuable information for confirmation and adoption of new concepts in relation to network security in the context of organizations and individual users. Research would consider evaluation of recent articles in order to obtain accurate information on the emerging threats in relation networking systems. Qualitative research… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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