Never Marry a Mexican Term Paper

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Sandra Cisneros

TOPIC: Term Paper on Never Marry a Mexican Assignment

In the story "Never Marry a Mexican," writer Sandra Cisneros delved into the issue of acculturation of the minority into the mainstream or American culture. The protagonist, Clemencia, was characterized as a woman who was averse to the idea that she would lose her 'Latin identity,' as she witnessed her mother re-marrying to an American. Fleeing her home and establishing her life in a barrio was Clemencia's attempt to re-discover and re-affirm her identity as a 'pure' Latino. However, it was also remarkable how, in her attempt to preserve her cultural identity, she involved herself in a relationship with an American. This action contradicted her feelings of loathing when her mother decided to marry an American: "...she knew as well as I did that there was no home to go home to. Not with out mother. Not with that man she married...When she married the white was as if she stopped being my mother..." Though Clemencia rationalized that involving herself in a relationship… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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