New America Walt Whitman's Vision Essay

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[2: (Whitman, N.d.)]

The poem "What He Thought" by Heather McHugh uses a style of prose that is reminiscent of Whitman's work -- it is definitely written in free verse with a wide variety of different line length, punctuation, and content. She writes about a trip she takes to Europe in which she has the opportunity to represent herself as an American poet among her European counter parts or the "Italian literati" as she calls them in the poem.

The statue represents

Giordano Bruno, brought to be burned in the public square because of his offence against authority, which was to say the Church. His crime was his belief the universe does not revolve around the human being: God is no fixed point or central government but rather is poured in waves, through all things: all things move. "If God is not the soul itself, he is the soul OF the world." Such was his heresy. The day they brought him forth to die[footnoteRef:3] [3: (McHugh, N.d.)]

McHugh is appealing to Whitman's vision in this passage by the way she points out the discrimination of beliefs that was present in the historical development of Italy. I believe it is something of a tribute to Whitman's vision that she questions poetry that is created in such an environment. It stands as a contrast of the freedom of belief and expression that America was founded upon.

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TOPIC: Essay on New America Walt Whitman's Vision Assignment

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