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The adoption of public folders has substantially streamlined the development of business initiatives and has helped to create a technology that allows any problems in the company to be explored more fully and freely. (Although, of course, no technology will convince employees to be perfectly honest about their bosses). Information that employees and executives need now exists in a centralized place and - because information is now written instead of oral - it is less likely to be lost.

Initiatives are sent to a public folder for that department so the entire group can share information and work on the initiative together. If someone needs information quickly, its available electronically in the public folder. People at the national offices can also look at the status of these issues.

The new technologies have allowed for new organizational structures to develop (which will in turn, one assumes, allow for new technologies to be introduced in an endless, iterative cycle). The new software has proven to encourage employees to join in and to feel more enfranchised in their jobs - something that is often difficult to achieve in retail, where most employees are not well paid and occupy transient positions. The new technology has had the effect, overall, of making even part-time, minimum-wage workers feel that they do have something important to contribute to the company's overall success. Thus the company is using these new technologies to help implement an organizational approach that is essentially team-oriented.

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People have of course always worked in teams - from the first moment when one of our ancient forebears wanted to life a rock that was too heavy for him to pick up alone groups began to be formed to accomplish collectively what no one individual could ever do by himself or herself. Like all primates, humans are social animals down the very core of our genetic code - so much so that people might be seen to have a biological compulsion to work with each other.

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But all working groups are not equal. We are all familiar with the aphorism "A camel is a tiger designed by a committee" and we have all had many personal experiences in which working by oneself would have been far more efficient and efficacious than working with a particular group. Matching technology to social organization is essential in trying to ensure that people can work together when this is profitable and work alone when this will prove to be a better arena. Information technologies allow people to collaborate on their own time: Rather than having to drop everything that one is doing to go to a meeting that is at a convenient time for someone else, technology like public folders allows a worker to contribute when he or she is best able to do so.

Company executives made the right choice in selecting computer software that substantially improved internal communication, because this choice has had a ripple effect throughout the company.

Executive Summary

Like many large companies, Toys R Us in the past several years found that its internal communications structure did not meet its needs. Too many good ideas got lost and too many employees were not able to contribute their best work. Poor managers might simply have blamed the workers for the mix-ups and slow-downs in communication. Alternatively, they might simply have selected a new computer information system very much at random and ended up with a system that did not in fact meet their needs.

By choosing a selection of Microsoft products, company officials avoided problems in integration (given that they were trying to improve communication, this was essential). They also established procedures that allowed for workers to change their routines to take advantage of the new technology. This is an essential aspect of any intelligent adoption of a new form of technology: New technology changes social structural patterns in the workplace, and so executives should never assume that the institution of a new form of technology is a single-step process.

Rather, new technology should be selectively adopted to meet current problems (and what problems may be predicted to arise in the future), and then as worker habits shift to take advantage of the new technology even newer (or at least different) technology must be adopted to take advantage of these new ways of working.

Offices of the 21st century are in many ways dominated by their computer systems. This means that any choice of a new system must be made as intelligently as possible. It also means that well-trained managers will work as hard as possible to ensure that computers remain tools to help workers reach the company's overall goals - and not the masters of both workers and executives.

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