New Earth: Awakening to a Greater Openness Essay

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New Earth: Awakening to a Greater Openness

The world is filled with great opportunities for learning, for self-improvement and for personal growth. However, these opportunities are available only to those who are willing to open up to them. This is the premise at the center of the discussion here below. Namely, each of us has a chance for a life filled with stimulation, intrigue and happiness but only if we remain receptive to the unfamiliar; prepared to face unseen challenges and, ultimately; considerate, respectful and loving of those around us.

While there may be no one secret to leading a fulfilling life, this process would surely be helped by the cultivation of an open heart. So many of us are conditioned with inherent prejudices which cause us to prejudge unfamiliar experiences, to fear that which we don't understand and to avoid that which seems alien to us. This, however, is a very limiting way to navigate the word. Here, I am inclined to agree with the sentiment that "when you don't cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of the miraculous returns to your life." I have always found this to be quite true. There is a socially conditioned tendency to presume without much knowledge that we know enough about those things unfamiliar to us to know that we wish to keep them unfamiliar. The quote above suggests that by dispatching with these prejudices, we have a chance to know so much more, not just about the world but also about ourselves.

Of course many people will simply avoid the unfamiliar as a way of evading the potential for suffering. And this is not necessarily an irrational way to behave in the face of the unfamiliar. Travel to an unknown destination may lead to unpredictable dangers. Venturing to speak to an unknown member of the opposite sex may lead to embarrassment, rejection or even heartbreak. A high seas adventure might well lead to scurvy. There is no way to predict what balance of enlightenment and endangerment might occur when one takes a chance with the unfamiliar. But there is, to be sure, value in the experience either way. To this end, great suffering has the capacity to bring about great insight. As the sentiment goes, "suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of consciousness and the burning up of the ego."

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