Essay: New Expatriate Orientation Program Design

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[. . .] Moreover, conveyance facility is also made available for them. Records also unveil that the expat and his family members are assisted in becoming a part of social and community clubs in order to make their social life better in a new environment (Rao, 2007).

It is believed by many experts that it is essential to make the employee and his family settled in the new location because the breadwinner of the family can only work appropriately and with focus when his mind is at peace. This implies that if the employee's family and house is settled properly, then he/she can work without worrying about the household issues; therefore, he/she can give maximum input to his assignment to produce beneficial results (Rao, 2007).

Furthermore, according to the research works particularly referring to the relocation of employees to Indonesia, few practices and their effectiveness have come to the forefront. These state that it has remained an effective and common practice amongst those employees who have been chosen to be relocated that they discover about different aspects of the new country from those employees who were sent to the same place previously. This has been the case when these employees work at the same firm, which enable them to know and understand each other well. Therefore, they have easily discussed and talked about various different aspects and the challenges that newly selected employees (for relocation) would possibly face in Indonesia (Fechter, 2007).

Moreover, another such research verifies that if the company chooses a group of employees to be relocated, it has remained an effective practice to conduct orientation programs for all of them before they shift to Indonesia with their families. The objective of the company behind these programs has been to make the employees aware about the set up in the new destination. Furthermore, companies have preferred to involve the families of the employee in these programs as well, as they are the ones who provide greatest moral support to the working person of the family, which indeed is necessary. Consequently, family members face less difficulty in adjusting in the new surroundings (Fechter, 2007).

Another study brings the focus to one more aspect of the expatriate orientation program that tells that companies have been practicing a healthy activity in order to make the selected employee adaptable to the new environment in Indonesia. This entails that enterprise arranges a visit for the employee and his/her partner to the new country prior to the actual shifting. This has largely assisted in eliminating the fear or nervousness linked to immediately start living in a new and unfamiliar place. Prior visits have allowed the workers and their spouses to get acquainted to the places of need such as schools for children, different shops for shopping, marts for buying groceries, and so forth. Furthermore, the employee has been encouraged to pay a visit to the new office, which has assisted him in getting familiarized to the changed working environment (Rao, 2007).

Many companies have been reported to relocate several employees along with their families to Indonesia and other countries of the world. In such a case, it has been observed that female members (usually wives) of the expatriate families formulate a group that is meant for socialization and as they all face similar problems being new to the surroundings they live in, they can co operate with each other well. Moreover, newer members (recently relocated families) get to learn a lot from the experiences of veterans (Amit, 2011).

Moving onwards, multiple articles and reviews have been written and published that discusses the difficulties confronted by the expats in a new location. Those employees that have been relocated to tropical countries (such as Indonesia) from colder regions face problems in getting adapted in warm weather. They have been found to argue that spending a long span of time in warm regions is relatively challenging and is no way similar to enjoying a vacation in such a place for few days. Orientation programs that are intended to make the expats and their families adaptable to new environment remained apparently helpless in solving this issue (Corlett, 2008).

Another challenge that has been brought forward by the literature regarding the difficulties of expats highlights the immense problem of cultural differences faced by them. It has been examined that the widespread culture practiced in the new country usually does not accept the culture to which the expats belong (Ferraro, 2002). For instance, conservative cultures do not tend to accept the people practicing liberal traditions. On the contrary, it has also been noticed that people from conservative culture (or lifestyle) are often seen as an item of mockery in liberal countries.


As it has been mentioned earlier that expatriates and their families encounter a number of issues when they relocate. Even though, the fact cannot be ignored that community organizations and specialist firms are present that support and facilitate these people with orientation programs to get familiarized with the new culture and surroundings, yet these issues exist. However, below are few recommendations that would be of assistance for those organizations that carry out orientation programs for the expatriates.

On the basis of detailed study of the issues, it has been noticed that an orientation program consists of few hours to few days, but, it is a onetime process. In this regard, it is recommended that community organizations or even specialist firms should plan the orientation process over several meetings from time to time until successful transition occurs during the entire relocation process. Additionally, special care and attention should be provided to the entire family of the expatriates so that they cannot become nervous or panic as a result of the new information that they receive during the program.

Cultural shock and cultural differences in everyday life as well as in business climate is one of the major barriers that may convert the success into failure (Adekola & Sergi, 2012). Therefore, the orientation program coordinator ought to handle this issue tactfully. The programs should develop an understanding of the expatriate on how to manage and deal with people belonging to different cultures. This will help the expatriate in understanding and accepting the different cultures in the business environment.

Moreover, the understanding can also be developed through meetings or sessions particularly on the topic of cultural orientation. Such sessions should be based on the common practices in the host location of the expatriate. This would enable them to come out of the cultural shock in a constructive manner. Depending upon the level of understanding and acceptance of the expats, cultural orientation meetings or sessions should have variable durations (lasting from a few hours and may even go up to several days).

Since the compensation is purely a concern of the company, therefore, the enterprise in association with the program manager should provide extensive support to the expatriate (Singh, 2007). An assessment of the benefits that the expat is receiving in the host country should be discussed. This review will principally address the cost of living, housing support, education support, and various other compensation related benefits that the expat is entitled to. A synopsis on the time and method of delivery of these compensations should also be included in the meeting. This would act as a motivating factor for the expatriates that would demonstrate productivity in their work.

Another issue that has been mentioned earlier is related to tax and finance that is normally confronted by the expats in the host country (Singh, 2007). Concerning this issue, a separate meeting should be conducted as a part of the program where the expatriate should get extensive information to develop understanding and learning about the tax and its implementation when the employee is working overseas. Similarly, the meeting should also include personnel from the company who can elucidate the tax issues with the expatriate in a comprehensive manner. This also facilitates the expats in their financial planning.

These recommendations are significant source for the orientation program, as it would help the program manager to meet the expectations of the expatriates and his family so that they can perform to the fullest in order to produce successful outcomes.

New Expatriate Orientation Program Design

Program Title

Indonesia Back to Front -- Expatriates Orientation Program

Program Description

When people relocate and settle in a new place, the most common query that is raised by an individual is where and how to begin. However, in order to settle down and get familiarized to the new place, the individual ought to understand the socio-cultural, socio-political, socio-economical, and other aspects of that country. In case of Indonesia, the expatriates and their families need to understand the mentioned aspects in order to be acquainted to the Indonesian environment.

This Expatriates Orientation Program is especially designed to cover the mentioned aspects, which would give the individuals a head start to work or do business in an effective and productive manner in Indonesia. The experiences of expatriates who had already worked in Indonesia, Indonesian… [END OF PREVIEW]

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