New Genre Public Art and Social Policies Term Paper

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New Genre Public Art and Social Policies

New genre public art developed as a result of artists becoming interested in addressing social issues and changes through their artistic endeavors. Prior to having such interest in contemporary social concerns, artists were confined to focusing their energies towards creating abstract and innovative works of art that were to be privately displayed in museums and art galleries away from general public view.

The evolution of public art began in the late 1950's, when artists at the time were initially trying to simply break free of conventional ties to galleries and museums. By 1966, artists began to question through their artwork the structures maintained and propagated by the elitist art establishment, including the notions that a piece of art's value is mainly determined by its economic worth, that works created by white male artists gain more of an audience, that art can only be appreciated by upper-class individuals, and that artists should remain culturally isolated from the rest of society.

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In 1967 the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) established the Art in Public Places Program, which sparked the formation of local percent-for-art programs throughout the country. Through this program, the government promised artists the opportunity to publicly promote their social ideals and concerns in exchange for beautifying inner city landscapes. Thus, during the sixties the full-fledged use of art as a promotional tool for grass-roots democracy emerged. Despite its promise to promote socially engaged public art, the late sixties and early seventies saw the NEA program approving of projects that focused more on art history than on cultural history.

Term Paper on New Genre Public Art and Social Policies Assignment

Starting in 1974, the NEA began encouraging artists to develop artwork that was representative of the physical site on which it stood. This led… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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