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[. . .] Due to its multi-purpose nature, it has varying uses as well. Governance can be used as minimal state. In this context, it defines public intrusion which focuses on establishment of market aimed at delivering public services. Another use of it is corporate control or corporate governance which will not control the enterprise but oversee it. Governance also provides mechanism of new public management: managerialism (introduction of managerial practices specific to private sector in public sector) and the institutional economics (introduction of reward structure). Fourth use of governance is good governance which entails using political power to control national matters (Plumptre & Graham, 1999). Other uses are socio-cybernetic systems and governance as self-organizing networks (Rhodes, 1996).

Application of New Governance to International Trade for Free Market

After discussing the various uses of governance, it is important to understand how this concept can be levied in today's world where free trade is the main force driving the economies of many countries. Where governance allows the entities to perform with independence and often provides them with supervision and guidance, the organizations and entrepreneurs become capable of operating on their own. Since such freedom makes these entities take independent decisions, therefore the responsibility for such decisions is also borne by them. Such combination of freedom with responsibility allows the organizations to provide products and services of optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Free trade has been greatly affected by this new concept of governance. In the previous era, governments played vital role in the decision of business especially exporters who have more access to global markets. This introduction of governance allows the business to make independent entrepreneurial decisions and provides necessary supervision only. This theme lead to the establishment of effective global bodies such as NAFTA, WTO etc. which have been assigned with the task of global trade management. The independence provided by this new mode of control over organizations allows the businesses to have more access to the factors of production and also helps them in reaching an extensive target segment (Brown & Stern, 2011).

Where free trade has benefited by new governance, another important use of governance is using governance as self-organized network. This concept ensures the transfer of power from the local government to an independent network formed by amalgamating public and private organizations. In this complex set, representatives from concerned segments of society such as corporate, NGO, private and public sector etc. work collaterally to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Here, various segments of public and private sects are involved and represent the concern of their respective segment in decision making and policy making. Interorganizational linkages are a defining characteristic of service delivery and I use the term network to describe the several interdependent actors involved in delivering services. These networks allow the forces of society to exchange resource and the end-product would benefit everyone.

These functions and uses of governance leads to a final term called Good governance. As per the definition provided by World Bank, " Good governance is an efficient public service, an independent judicial system and legal framework to enforce contracts; the accountable administration of public funds; an independent public auditor, responsible to a representative legislature; respect for the law and human rights at all levels of government; a pluralistic institutional structure, and a free press." The definition explains that public and private operate in a transparent manner and legislation and media are allowed to follow their own discretion in an unbiased manner. Following the governance model would allow the economies of the countries to operate independently with extended trade horizon and necessary supervision by private sector and the networking between public and private sectors would allow them have access to each other's potential resources and use them in a symbiotic manner.


Governance is a new concept which has replaced the classic model of government. Governance provides independence to the public as well as private entities and helps them exploit their potential to the fullest by allowing expanding their operations and goals. It further ensures that the practices adopted by these segments are provided with necessary guidance and public and private institutions are allowed to follow their own regime. It further stresses that a model of free trade should be adopted where businesses are allowed to expand their operations and provide services with maximum efficiency. Similarly, it allows public and private institutions to have symbiosis which would allow them to help each other out. Comparison of concepts of government and governance provides a logical conclusion that for free trade, governance is more viable than government as it allows independence and maximum access to the required resources.


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