New Immigration Research Paper

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Immigration Policy

Discussion and Argument

Immigration is the process by which the citizens of a country go to another country live and earn there, they file the citizenship over there and if they meet the particular criteria they are provided with the immigration which means they are now the official citizen of the state. Usually people from poor country tend to migrate to developed countries in order to enjoy the better life style and for their offspring, but the immigration to U.S. has become a serious issue for the natives living in the country as it is basic source of population in the country. The continues immigration has resulted in the cultural change of the country as there are so many different people over there belonging to different culture and values. The report below discusses the opinion about the immigrants by the natives, and there is being a law changed in terms of immigration policy, which is also included in the below report.

Discussion and Argument:

Apart from many benefits that the country avails from the immigrants, there are still some severe issues that are generated and which can be observed in the long run, the continues arrivals of people from different countries have affected the cultural factor of the country, moreover the social factor of U.S. has also being badly affected along with the fact that after 9/11 the natives of U.S. fear middle eastern people and especially people from Asian countries.

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Moreover as the thesis statement claims that the immigrants coming into the country and steal their rights and jobs also for which they do not pay taxes by which the local atmosphere of the country is getting worse and immigration policy should be changed for the U.S. Due to pressure from the natives of U.S., there have been some changes which are to taken place in terms of immigration policy (Portes & Rumbaut, 1990).

Research Paper on New Immigration Assignment

Gary R. Herbert has recently signed the four documents, and these documents are supposed to bring some changes in the state law for immigrants. There has been happening a lot in the government sector for this issue, there is bill which was forced but was ruled out by the court at the eleventh hour. The bill suggested that every immigrant should be carrying the ids with them wherever they go, as soon as the law was about to be forced, there were many protestors who were protesting in front of the U.S. embassy, they do not wanted to carry the ids while going somewhere (Liasson, 2011).

Moreover the law which was delayed by the court, it also held the obligation for the police officers to arrest the illegal immigrants without the warrant on the basis of suspects. The opponents of the law urged that, by this the racism will be generated in the country and the liberty of the people will be on the line, if there ids were checked anywhere. But on the other side, the supporter of the law said that by this law in Arizona, the government will be able to save the cost spend on the health care, education and providing different facilities by the government to illegal immigrants. In spite of the fact that Arizona is the largest gateway by which the illegal immigrants enter the state, but still the court claims that there must be another way to handle the situation rather than just arresting those illegal immigrants… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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