New Look in the Postwar Term Paper

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Nearly every person wanted stuff: a house in the suburbs, a car, and nice clothes. Here the Dior "New Look" became an instrumental addition to the Cult of Consumerism that dominated 1950s and 1960s culture. Women saw these designs in magazines and on television, worn by the classiest ladies of the silver screen like Grace Kelly, and desired to emulate them. In the suburbs, the housewives take on the need for sameness. They must wear the same clothes, use the same appliance, and cook the same meals in order to feel normal.

With the advent of the freeway system, the consumerism in the country became more rampant. Now people were living in the suburbs and had to drive into the larger cities to purchase things they required. Someone realized that if they had a shop in the suburbs, the citizens of the town would be able to shop there instead. The success of these smaller stores within the suburbs led to additional stores being opened. Eventually, every little town had at least one store, designed to be a convenience to the suburbanites who shopped there. When someone had to go into the city for some supplies, it behooved them to purchase more than they needed so they would not have to drive into town again for some time.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on New Look in the Postwar Assignment

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