New Netherlands in 1602 Essay

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All the land between the Connecticut and Delaware rivers was granted to Charles' brother James, Duke of York and Albany.

In 1664 Colonel Richard Nicolls sailed into New York Harbor with four ships and 400 soldiers to impose the English claim. The citizens of New Amsterdam were unwilling to fight and on September 8, Stuyvesant surrendered. Soon after, on September 24, Fort Orange fell. New Netherland and New Amsterdam became known as New York and Beverwyck, the settlement that grew up around Fort Orange, was renamed Albany.

The loss of the New Netherland province led to a second Anglo-Dutch war during 1665-1667. This conflict ended with the Treaty of Breda in August of 1667 in which the Dutch gave up their claim to New Amsterdam. However, within six months, on January 23, 1668, the Dutch made an alliance with the English and Sweden against the French king Louis XIV, who was trying to capture the Spanish held areas in the Netherlands.

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In May of 1670 Louis XIV made a secret alliance with Charles II and in 1672 he made another separate treaty with Sweden. Then on March 17, 1673 Louis and Charles joined together in a war on the Dutch. During this war, on August 7, 1673, a force of 600 Dutch soldiers under Captain Anthony Colve entered the Hudson River. The next day they attacked Fort James taking the fort on the 9th. The British governor, Francis Lovelace was absent so the surrender was made by Captain John Manning. When Lovelace returned on August 12th, he was arrested and put in jail. With the fall of the for the Dutch had retaken New York. They then took control of Albany and New Jersey.

These gains were temporary, as the lands were restored to the British at the end of the conflict by the Treaty of Westminster on February 9, 1674. The British governor, Major Edmund Andros, arrived in Manhattan on November 1st and gave the Dutch a week to leave. On November 10, the transfer was completed and Governor Colve and his soldiers marched out of the province. From that point the British controlled both the city and province of New York.


Essay on New Netherlands in 1602 the Assignment

The Dutch failed to maintain control and establish a permanent presence in New Netherland because, unlike other colonies which were based in religious foundations, this territory was settled for economic gain. The Dutch had no real incentive to relocate families into the new territory. Settlers in New Netherland put up little resistance to the challenges brought by the English, and displayed little resolve to fight for the company that ran their affairs, nor the political entities that exploited them. When, inevitably, claims to the territory did arise from the English, the Dutch and their colonists lacked a moral principle on which to base their resistance.

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