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[. . .] This is because the Israeli Prime Minister has consistently shown that the Gaza plan negates or contradicts Sharon's actions and policies in the past. Thus, the author concludes that perhaps the only inspiration for the plan is to decrease, as much as possible, U.S. intervention on the said issue, a strategy crucial if Israel wants to preserve peace and security in a period where national security of all states are constantly threatened, especially those nations allied to the United States. Thus, the Gaza plan illustrates that Israel is capable of handling its own problems and conflicts with other nations, and that U.S. intervention is not a necessary solution to solving these problems.

The editorial of the Dallas Morning News, meanwhile, expresses the same "mixed emotions" that the NY Times editorial had expressed. However, the editorial primarily expressed a positive attitude, in fact, an approval, of Sharon's Gaza plan as the first step towards brokering peace in a "peaceful manner" between Israel and Palestine. While the NY Times editorial has applied the issue in the context of the current state of terrorism and U.S. intervention to foreign policy-making, the author of Dallas Morning News' editorial focused on Sharon's "realistic" resolve to end the conflict between the two nation-states. The author argues that the Gaza plan is a realistic step towards achieving what Israel wants -- lower levels of political conflict against Palestine and the stability of Israel as a nation. Unlike the author of NY Times editorial, Dallas' author does not express skepticism about Sharon's Gaza plan: the author sees that the plan is a sincere intention to broker peace in exchange for a more secure and stable Israel rather than conquering the West Bank at the expense of Israel's stability as a nation, both politically and economically.

The author concludes by suggesting that Palestine should follow Israel's example -- that is, it must subsist to realistic means in order to achieve its goal. Thus, it is vital that Palestine and its insurgents do not subsist to the methods of terrorism and of violence, in order to achieve peace and security in their own nation. In effect, Sharon's Gaza plan serves as the model for brokering peace between the conflicting nations, Israel and Palestine.

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