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[. . .] Nonetheless, as Coffman (1997) suggests, even the above mentioned good names in the educational sector in Pakistan, provide one of the best educational facilities that are high in quality but extremely high in charges as well; a fact that precludes many students not to even apply for such institutions due to lower per capita income (Coffman, 1997). In addition to the above, the educational scenario becomes further bleak in Pakistan due to the fact that "many other private institutions have been opened that have not come under the purview of any official body and that violate basic ethical, if not legal, standards in attracting their paying customers. Indeed, many private institutions are now exhibiting free-wheeling, unregulated, and brazen market tactics, where corruption, smuggling, counterfeiting, and trademark infringement are the rule" (Coffman, 1997).

Thus, based on the above discussion, it is evident that among all other third world countries, Pakistan is one of the most deserving candidates for our million dollar donation. However, our research findings indicate a lot many problems related to establishing and managing a non-governmental organization in Pakistan. Some of them are as follows:

Expected Problems, Threats & Respective Solutions:

Language Problem:

First of all, the common language spoken in Pakistan is Urdu which is also its national language. Apart from that, in the interior areas of Pakistan as provinces change languages understood and spoken change too. For example in Punjab, most of the people speak and understand only Punjabi or else Urdu but English is not easily understood neither commonly spoken. In Sindh, people usually speak Sindhi and can easily understand Urdu but English again is not the basic language of communication among the masses. Therefore, in order to start and manage our non-governmental organization in Pakistan, language might pose some serious administrative problems. In order to solve this problem, we will hire one of the Pakistanis to look after the entire processing and management activities of our organization, a person of repute, experience and bilingual, having complete knowledge and ability to speak and understand both Urdu and English. This employee will also be responsible for working as an effective communication bridge between the donors, receivers and our organization.

Misinterpretations Regarding the Role of NGOs:

The majority in Pakistan doubts the activities as well as the intentions of the functional non-governmental organizations. As the media and news reports reveal the people's attitude towards the non-governmental organizations, "Most of these NGOs are headed by influential, politician, bureaucrats and rich people/elite. These are the people who plunder in the name of "NGOs" and deprive the deserving people of their rights. There are NGO people who were riding on bicycles in the past, now own more than one vehicle such as Honda Accord and Pajero/Land Cruiser at their home. Those had pennies in their pocket until yesterday now having accounts in millions of dollar, what to say accounts in rupees. The ill-mannered people now have their meals in five star hotels" (Ecotourism Society Pakistan, 1999). Thus, establishing an NGO and gaining confidence of the public will certainly be a great challenge which our organization will face by publishing audit reports throughout the year in order to satisfy the public at large and to remain clean.

Common Practice of Child Labor:

Another problem that the existing non-governmental organizations are facing is directly related to the low per capita income in Pakistan and constant inflation that has compelled many households to readily accept the practice of child labor thereby encouraging the younger ones to work and become earning hands rather than pursuing their educational goals therefore working in such an environment can be quite challenging. Moreover, the bureaucratic system also encourages the practice of child labor because of cheap labor that the industrialists and bureaucrats can employ in their business ventures. Therefore, in order to manage a non-profit organization in such a taxing working milieu is certainly a great challenge. Therefore, we would basically start mental conditioning and spreading awareness at the higher, more executive level than beginning from the lower stratums of the society.

Registration and other Legal Problems:

Another problem that our NGO might face is the hindrance in the form of convoluted and unfair procedures of registration in Pakistan that all NGOs have to face while they plan to get a license to establish their organization in this third world country. On this account, we have decided to hire a reputable as well as a highly skillful and experienced lawyer that would help us get hold of a license to operate in Pakistan (Ecotourism Society Pakistan, 1999).

After clearly summarizing our research findings, the assigned team will locate the most suitable place in the country where we can establish our organization and can smoothly and most conveniently perform our work and expand our network with the passage of time. After looking for the right locality where our project will take its pragmatic form, the team members under my supervision will then make a list of all the possible items needed in the centre like furniture and other significant equipment and office material. Then, the step of approving that material from the board will come and I would invite at least one of the board members to visit the place selected to run and manage the project in Pakistan. Once, the team will manage to get hold of a license to work in Pakistan as a non-governmental organization, preparations will be made to finalize the list of those institutes that require funding. After short-listing the most deserving institutes, based on need and credibility as well as experience, accordingly these academic institutes will be contacted through formal invitations to discuss further terms and conditions with our organization. Now based on the above discussion and conclusions made from the research findings, our organization is all set to follow the steps in order to soon establish a branch of our non-governmental organization and begin working as a literacy spreading non-profit organization.

Third Phase

Evaluation & Personal Opinion

Hence from the above discussion, it is evident that Pakistan which is one of the third world countries has a government that has so far failed to provide its people even with the basic amenities required by all human beings. Apart from the prevalent poverty, people have been deprived of adequate shelters or any permanent place of protection, malnutrition is ubiquitous and education (particularly the primary level of education which is not only the right of every human being but which is a must in the religion followed by all Muslims worldwide that is Islam) has flagrantly small percentage. Therefore, after realizing that the government has not and will not offer the basic necessities to survive the coldness of this wintry world, the private sector flourished. With the private firms making their way into the streamline activities, education as a sector and a necessity ameliorated with the passage of time. Thus by utilizing the available "human, natural and financial resources," the people of Pakistan have managed to come a long way thereby having a rich history of over fifty years as a struggling nation though. However, reviewing several governmental reports and news from the media as well as assessment reports by some of the Pakistanis in the related field, being the executive director of the above mentioned project, I have learnt that since non-governmental organizations (abbreviated as NGOs) play a highly significant role thereby contributing a great deal towards the prosperity of a country, establishing our branch of non-governmental organization in Pakistan that would help this country become more literate by augmenting the literacy rate among the Pakistani masses, is a highly pragmatic idea and one of the best possible ways to utilize our one million dollar donation. In addition to the above, the growing awareness among the masses suggests that people of Pakistan are interested and desperately look forward to external aid to become literate as well as to increase literacy in their country. Plus, the fact that eleven thousand non-governmental organizations are working at present and operating in this Pakistani working milieu reveals that NGOs do work in Pakistan. The number of students seeking scholarship shows two sides of the coin. First, the meager number of students holding scholarship suggests that there is an exigent need for further investment injections in the educational sector in Pakistan. Secondly, this number presents the interest of the students. Thus, both the merit-based scholarship being offered in Pakistan and the need-based scholarships encourage our organization to go ahead with our clearly drafted strategic plan to establish our branch in Pakistan and provide assistance to this third world country that needs handsome donations to bring about some positive changes in its educational arena. Nonetheless, where there are bright prospects for our non-governmental organization to open up its branch in Pakistan in order to spread education, there are various problems being faced by the non-governmental organizations presently functioning in Pakistan. Some of these problems are related to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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