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Nickel and Dimed -- "It's the Race (not the class) that's the problem with the American Economy, Stupid!

Over the course of her text, Nickel and Dimed the author Barbara Ehrenreich admits in the first chapter to her reader that she holds a PhD in biology. She deploys, in the words of Hughes and Kroehler, the interactionist technique of becoming a part of her sociological subject's environment. She is masquerading as a member of the working class as a reporter. But Ehrenreich was not always a member of the privileged elite. (Ehrenreich, 2001, p.3) in fact, "the last time anyone had urged me to forsake my normal life for a run-of -- the mill low paid-job had been in the seventies when dozens, perhaps hundreds of sixties radicals started going into the factories to 'proletarian' themselves and organize the working class in the process. Not this girl. I felt sorry for the parents who had paid college tuition for these blue-collar own family, the low-wage way of life had never been many degrees of separation me, sitting at a desk all day was a privilege."(Ehrenreich, 2001, p.2)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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The author thus is not an alien to working class life, even though many of her friends experience shock that she could 'pass' for such, when, as a middle aged woman, she chooses to do so for the purposes of her book and her sociological experiment. However, Ehrenreich's experiences, even before writing the book are testimony to the fact that race more than class limits one's chances in American working class life and one's access to opportunities. It is unlikely that had she been a Black university student, she would have been encouraged to cease her education and take to the factories. While serving in Florida, her ability to speak English and her whiteness gains her access to more lucrative waitressing jobs. Although working, as a waitress was not ideal, it is worthy of comparison that as a waitress, the author has access to protein in the form of hamburgers and a free lunch. When she did secure work as a maid to supplement her service career in Florida, "my appetite fades when I see that the bag of rolls she… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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