Nietzsche Defining Truth Term Paper

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Defining Truth

Perhaps one of the reasons it is so difficult to understand the obsession of Nietzsche and Plato with 'Truth' is that few people today believe in the existence of Truth with a capital 'T' that transcends time and subjective, personal impressions. We are exposed to so many different cultures and belief systems, and are encouraged to tolerate other points-of-view rather than assert our own definition of the Truth. We know how much our own perceptions of the truth can be influenced by the media and by advertising. Of course, the "Allegory of the Cave" suggests that much of what we humans apprehend with our senses is false, unlike the pure world of truth that exists beyond the cave. But if we can be so easily tricked in the cave -- why should we be so certain of this pure, true world that transcends time at all?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Nietzsche Defining Truth Perhaps One of the Assignment

For Nietzsche, God was dead, and that was unalterably true. Faith-based debates were polarized about the existence of God when he wrote, and he wrote in a largely Christian context, although he abhorred Christianity and wrote his… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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