Nigeria the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Term Paper

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Nigerian Federal Ministry

Rapidly expanding cities have significantly contributed to an ever increasing deficit in housing, among other widespread problems. This is experienced in cities throughout the world as infrastructure is developed in order to accommodate growing urban populations. Problems associated with this rapid growth, including housing deficits, present major obstacles for economic growth and development, especially in developing nations throughout the world.

Nigeria is no stranger to this phenomenon of rapid urban growth. The increasingly expanding cities, and the problems that accompany this expansion, forced the federal government to seriously address issues surrounding housing and urban development. In response to this crisis, the Nigerian government created the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in July of 2003. This federal ministry was made responsible for ensuring the deliverance of adequate and sustainable housing, as well as the maintenance of a living environment that is conducive to meeting the aspirations and needs of the citizens of Nigeria.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Nigeria the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Assignment

The purpose of the establishment of the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in Nigeria was to provide several services to Nigerian citizens, both homeowners and non-homeowners. These services include: handling and supervision of projects conducted by the Federal secretariat; the provision of infrastructure projects involving site and services estates as well as shelter initiatives; issuing og certificates indicating occupancy; compiling inventory of Federal government fixed assets; implementing the National Sites and Services Programme; establishing a support office for the UN-HABITAT program; the provision of a Prototype Housing Scheme; fire fighting and prevention; the development of blueprints for effective planning; development of the housing facilitation scheme; the rehabilitation of Federal Secretariats among the states; the modernization and computerization of the Federal Land Registry; implementing various sites and services; implementing programs for urban renewal and slum upgrading; development of the Sustainable Cities Program; implementing Latterite Brick Projects; establishing of libraries and the Urban Management Information System (UMIS); and implementing the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM).

The aim of the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in the provision of these services is to facilitate and promote housing that is adequate, decent and affordable for all Nigerians, regardless of economic or social standing. The focus is to ensure this decent standard of housing in both rural and urban settings in order to encourage decent and healthy living environments. The ministry strives to achieve this goal through the establishment of a system of housing delivery that is both sustainable and ensures easy access to home ownership by all Nigerian citizens. This promotion of home ownership is focused on environments in Nigeria where fundamental physical and social amenities are available.

Involvement in this particular Federal Ministry of Nigeria is interesting to me due to my personal interest in international real estate development. On the international level, the development of real estate has grown considerably over the past few years. These developments are exciting to me, and I'm specifically interested in and focused upon investment in the economic development and prosperity of third world countries like Nigeria through real estate development.

If I could head the Nigerian Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, my first priority would involve expanding upon the initiatives forwarded by the Presidential Committee on Housing and Urban Development that was established in May of 2001. This committee was created for the restructuring of the Federal Housing Authority, the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), the Urban Development Bank of Nigeria (UDBN), and Federal Mortgage Finance Ltd. The goals of this committee were to further promote and ensure efforts were being made towards the aims outlined by the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

My first step in implementing programs for this ministry would involve further attention towards the restructuring of the above mentioned entities involved in real estate issues in Nigeria. This restructuring would involve first conducting research into how other countries with similar cultural and economic conditions to Nigeria conduct matters involving… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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