Nigeria Orphanage Non-Governmental Organization Placement Essay

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[. . .] " This NGO organization additionally makes provisions for widows and less privileged women in order to improve their quality of life boost their self-esteem and enable them to become self-sufficient.

The objectives of St. Joseph Orphanages and Women Development Center is to build an organization that provides parental care, sustainable healthcare, education, love and support for the needs of children who have lost or been abandoned by their parents due to financial reasons as well as providing assistance to widows and less privileged women in Nigeria.

The project provides a hostel accommodation for the Orphans with the supervision of Volunteer Nurses and Doctors who cater for their medical needs. It also assists to widows and poverty-stricken women in the country. The Organization works in collaboration with other agencies to augment their capacity towards delivering and sustaining integrated Health Care Services to the people in the rural area with emphasis on women and children (Orphans).

The stated objectives of St. Joseph include those listed as follows:

(1) To contribute to the reduction of poverty in the community and globally.

(2) To compliment government efforts towards development of the community through the enlightenment and educating the masses through the media especially places like northern part of Nigeria.

(3) Provide an equipped hostel accommodations for the orphans and household needs for the widows, poverty-stricken women, single parent women and women that are define as "head-of-household" in the community.

(4) Provides Nurses and Doctors for the orphans care needs.

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(5) Provision of Medications and treatment for the orphans.

(6) Preparing the school age orphans for school- Federal Government School where their needs would be well catered for.

(7) Provisions of school Uniforms, Shoes and books for the Orphans educational needs.

(8) Empowering the widows and women to become self sufficient through the skill acquisition and income generating activities which may include combination of the above items.

Essay on Nigeria Orphanage Non-Governmental Organization Placement: Assignment

(9) Provide referral services to other agencies and charitable services in Nigeria and abroad.

(10) Network with other charitable organizations such as Jimmy Carter Foundation for Polio and Meningitis and United State Agency for International Development (USAID), so that St. Joseph Orphanage and Women Development Centre can becomes a "household" name, synonymous with a healing community interested in supporting its women and children, and ending poverty among women and children.

IV. Finances

St. Joseph Women Development and Orphanage Centre was set up as non- profit charitable organization, the founder of the Organization solely constructed Hostel accommodations of 600 bedding in three different regions of Nigeria. Two of the Hostel accommodations was constructed in the Northern part of the country because the statics show that the Muslim dominated area in of the Northern part has the largest numbers of children who drop out of school due to poverty, negative orientation against western education. while the third one, which has administrative office that coordinate all the affairs of the other two centre was sited in southern part, precisely in Oshogbo, Osun-State, Nigeria.

The Organization raises major funding through donations from International donors, Philanthropists, and Corporate organizations. Some of the money would be paid towards overhead cost, which includes allowances of the volunteer Doctors and Nurses. Procurement of school Uniform, books, and feeding. Much of the medical supplies are donated by philanthropist or will be donated sometimes through fundraising through churches and other organization.

Many of the States Project Directors are doctors likewise; the coordinators, Nurses and many of these professionals rendered their services on a voluntary basis. After budgeting and determining what grants St. Joseph Orphanage and women development will qualify for as a non-profit organization, the preliminary start-up costs are assessed as £100,000.00. This cost are associated with maintenance of Orphanage homes/hostels facilities, feeding expenses and overhead associated with the operating the office and the hostels. The project itself will be funded by fundraising through donations from philanthropist, churches, International donor, and grants provided to non-profit organizations that provide relief services to orphans and women development such as USAID for Africa.

V. Services

St. Joseph Orphanages and women development centre basic aimed is to provide for the needs of humanity, such as reducing the level of poverty and in return making life meaningful to poverty stricken people in the populace with emphasis on women (widows) and children in the society.

St. Joseph Orphanage and women development centre aimed to foster relationship with other International donor and NGOs that shares the same vision towards providing parental care, educational support to University level and empowering women towards skill acquisition and income generating activities. This will help assure that the individuals receiving aid have the best possible chance of succeeding in their mission of becoming self -- sufficient individual.

VI. Contributions of the Researcher

The researcher has worked as a Volunteer with Capital Volunteer of Barking and Dagenham with people with drug issues and behavioral issues. This combined with the researcher's experience in the health care sector has enabled the researcher who was appointed as a Coordinator in one of the states.

The experience gained by the researcher while working as a volunteer with capital Volunteer of Barking and Dagenham was imparted into the system including time devoted to mentoring the destitute according to the policy and object of the organization. One of the primary objectives of the organization is to cater for the needs of the Children and orphans that have turned to destitute in the community.

As a member of staff (volunteer) project coordinator, the researcher ensured that the children's rehabilitation and integration into the school was successful. In addition, as part of my little contribution, the researcher in this study ensured that each of them has snacks in their school's bag to motivate them which up till moment l donates £10.00 every month for the purpose of buying snacks for the children in the orphanage.

VII. Utility to the Writer's Curriculum Vitae

The experience gathered as a Project coordinator in the northern part of Nigeria and the role performed would be a good benefit.

VIII. Academic Discussion

The work of Elaigwu, et al. (1999) states that that which makes the determination of socio-economic power in contemporary international systems is the "concentration of capital and other means of production in a few hands…" (Elaigwu, et al., 1999) The NGO movement is one that globally supports a "sustainable, human-centered, eq3itable and materially inclusive mode of societal life can be said to be very much engaged in the struggle to fashion out is peculiar values and cardinal philosophy of operation." (Elaigwu, et al., 1999) It is stated that it is found as "surprising that the NGO movement should practice so little coordinated planning." (Elaigwu, et al., 1999)

The NGO's primary challenge is stated to be how the NGOs can "effectively operate in a corporate world without a financial fall-back plan, and corresponding advocacy or self-promotion strategy." (Elaigwu, et al., 1999) he question is stated to be that if "the mainstream politics and profit motivation in the current world system are too are removed from the projected ethos of NGOs, can the government fashion new ways or new moralities to back up its vision and misson?" (Elaigwu, et al., 1999)

The question is asked if government can learn, anything form religion organization s "who work to facilitate development for the poor by collecting tithes and the widow's mite from their community of faithful?" Stated, as importance in the "interface between the philosophy of NGO mission and their operation reality" is "language" as the dominant linguistic media. It is stated that Steve Biko, the Late South African anti-apartheid student leader stated that the "most potent weapon that any oppressor possessed was the mind of the oppressed." (Elaigwu, et al., 1999)

According to Elaigwu, et al. (1999) finding "appropriate cultural codes and symbols of communicating development ideas can be problematic and sometimes frustrating. It is stated that the "location and role of 'development experts' who constantly have to occupy the communication bridge between the people and international agencies, have provide hardly an adequate response to these challenges." (Elaigwu, et al., 1999) Elaigwu, et al. (1999) writes that due to the condition of the poor in Africa only growing worse, that the NGO must necessarily "ponder the possibilities of politically mobilizing the masses, when designing poverty alleviation programs and projects aimed at them." (Elaigwu, et al., 1999)

The work of David M. Brooking entitled "Experiential Learning in an International Context: College Student Experiences in Short-Term International Service-Learning Programs" reports that the incorporation of service-learning "into short-term study abroad programming has been proposed as a way to enrich the student experience." (Brookings, ) According to Brooking "These short-term international service-learning programs have received very little attention in the literature" and states that the purpose of the study reported was to provide a description of the "…experiences and perceptions of college students involved in short-term international service-learning programs." (2011)

It is reported that the study of Brooking utilized… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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