Night by Elie Wiesel Term Paper

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If this book is open to speculation and controversy, it is by unthinking people who have no idea of the horrors of the real world, or are so unfeeling that they simply do not care.

The logic of the book is quite sound, which makes it all the more disturbing to the reader. There was no logic to the Nazi regime, and the Jews had to hold on to their logic to survive in the camps. The logic of the book's basic premise is quite sound, and quite well laid out for the reader.

Of course, much important information was omitted from this book, partly because the writer simply had no idea what happened to so many people, and partly because you can only fit so many horrors into one book, or they become less horrific and more mind numbing. Information was most certainly omitted, but it did not detract from the overall effect of the book.

Of course, there are philosophical foundations underlying this book. The main foundation is that God abandoned the Jews, and so the author abandoned God. Wiesel's father uttered the other main foundation. "Humanity? Humanity is not concerned with us. Today anything is allowed. Anything is possible, even these crematories....'" (Wiesel 43).

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