Research Paper: Night That Made Kingdom

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[. . .] That was the story that we were taught in school and also can be found in the history books. However, there is another story that been told by people.

The other story does not show king Abdulaziz as a hero, but it shows that he took over Riyadh by deceit. In this version, King Abdulaziz and his 40 men went to Riyadh at night and a spy opened one of the forts gates without the guards notice. King Abdulaziz and his men walked through the city quietly until they reached Bin Jalawi's house, where they jumped and killed him and his guards. Following these events, they announced that King Abdulaziz is the new king.

Both of these stories are discussed, but the first one seems to be the plausible one. It is well know that the first, second, and third Saudi Kingdoms were established with only one purpose, which was to unite these diverse and disputed areas under Islam. This noble goal contradicts the means that were used to conquer Riyadh in the second story. Also, lack of documentation of the second story decreases its plausibility. There is no book in history that documents the second story or any fact related to it, which might indicate that this story might be just a fable.

The history of Saudi Arabia contains many different perspectives and conflicting stories. Many of these stories have two sides and there are no enough facts to support either side. The future of Saudi Arabia, just like any other country, will continue to develop more stories that conflicting accounts. History will keep record of these stories and people will ultimately have to choose which side to believe. Until there are solid facts to eliminate one side, many elements continue to be unknown similar to the story about the death of King Faisal in 1975 in which people are… [END OF PREVIEW]

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