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... recently both Reebok and Nike, the two leading sports marketers, have launched multimillion-dollar campaigns to target women sports fans (Alm, 2001). Sports marketers are beginning to realize that the post-Title 9 generation of women ("Title 9" of the Education Acts Amendment, passed in 1972, mandates that educational institutions that receive federal funds must provide equal athletic opportunities to men and women) are a huge and potentially lucrative market for sports goods of all sorts. Since the passage of Title 9, the number of women participating in intercollegiate sports has been growing dramatically. In fact, a recent study by the U.S. General Accounting Office found that, since 1997, more women than men participate in intercollegiate athletics. (Lords, 1999) The current line of research further demonstrates that the post-Title 9-generation of women athletes and fans is distinctive in their values and opinions. (Sukhdial, Aiken and Kahle)

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The world of professional sports is changing as the title 9 generation matures and the athletes born of this collegiate market reach the age of professional sports involvement. The impact is significant, and can be seen all over the advertising world, as non-apparel companies like Gatorade have now built entire memorable campaigns around the fit and fantastic image of women athletes. Nike has been one of the first to realize the fundamental change within the market and capitalize on it. This is all part of its substantial ability to create and bolster change within the trends of professional sports and evolve as a company bent of growth and evolutionary change, in both market and global responsibility. (Washington and Karen 187)

Nike is recognized by one organizational behavior researcher as an innovative company for change. Nike is converse to its short lived reputation as a global bad guy now recognized as a an organization steeped in evolutionary change and organizational behavior.

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... regardless of the relative absence of research on this topic, at the population level (Carroll 1987, Hannan & Freeman 1989, Baum 1996) adaptiveness can occur via the creation of a new specific form that allows for the population of organizations to adapt to new competitive circumstances such as globalization. Illustrations are research institutes in bio-medical research at the turn of the century, mini-mills in the steel industry, half-way homes in the rehabilitation service sector, the Italian network during the 1970s in textiles, luggage, and machine tools (Lazonick 1998, Piore & Sabel 1984), the commodity chain [acutea] la Nike in shoes, etc. These kinds of adaptation are especially interesting because they reflect radical innovations in the nature of the organization ... (Hage 597)

The company has clearly been at the forefront of innovation since the beginning utilizing change to their benefit, and hopefully to the benefit of the global market economy and the workers who support it.

Even in the wake of substantial change Nike seems to be poised to evolve once again into a yet more successful member of the market it helped discover and create. Despite the stepping down of its long time CEO there seem to be great things in store for it and continued substantial returns for its investors. Staying close to its roots in the Pacific North West has seemed at times unwise, given the relative isolation and general economic challenges of the reason but Nike has made it work and thrived in the process.

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