Nike Case Case Study

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Nike Case

Situation synopsis

Nike is beyond any doubt the leader of the shoes industry. It all commenced in restrained and confined facilities, where ingenious minds came up with the design of the Air Jordan -- the best sold shoes of all times. The design part plays a crucial role in Nike's success and throughout the years, incremental emphasis has been placed on improving the design and having it represent the organization.

While the evolution and role of design have followed the consistent path, the same cannot however be said about the evolution of business administration. The company executives have evolved tremendously from the time in which they implemented strategies based on hunches or when they spent tremendous sums of money on marketing alone. Throughout the years, the administrative process at Nike has significantly changed to improve and to become more efficient. One specific evolution in this sense has been constituted by the management of the creative act. Aside this, the company has also focused more intensively on improving operations, disciplining financial decisions, launching new ventures and expanding the Nike brand.

2. Analysis

a) Market orientation of Nike

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To a high extent, Nike is a market oriented organization. It focuses on satisfying the needs of customers and it achieves this through a multitude of elements. For instance, the company continually enlarges and diversifies its product offering. It strives to address all age categories in the audience and it also strives to serve as many needs as possible. Another piece of evidence in this direction is constituted by Nike's decision to outsource its manufacturing operations. On the one hand, this materializes in lower costs, which subsequently materialize in lower retail prices and as such an increased access of the customers to the Nike products. On the other hand, the decision to maintain marketing operations within the United States points to the commitment of Nike to its market orientation and customer attraction.

b) Nike's growth strategy

TOPIC: Case Study on Nike Case Assignment

Nike's growth strategy was more aggressive than initially estimated. Despite the fact that it took even some executives by surprise, the growth strategy was powerful and well developed and implemented. The company developed a series of strategic partnerships by which it aggressively promoted its products. Additionally, aside from a deeper penetration of the already existent market, the company has also focused on international expansion through increasing the consumer access to products -- both online as well as within the real life environment.

c) Nike business design

A major component of Nike's business design has been constituted by the merger or acquisition of several organizations. At the organizational level, this materialized in a series… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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