Nike's Global Women's Fitness Business Driving Strategic Integration Case Study

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Business Management Case Study -- Nike Strategy

Introduction to Organizational Strategy on Women's Fitness

The current organizational strategy of Nike with respect to women's fitness comprises a shift in seven specific aspects of its approach. In principle, it marks a shift away from the previous isolated initiative-based concept toward an integrated portfolio-based concept. That includes establishing a permanent prominence of brand loyalty instead of a series of inconsistent relationships as well as a shift toward concept-based collections instead of color-based selections. Mike also hopes to establish a consistent retail experience at the global level. Finally, the organization intends to rectify inconsistent and inadequate dedication of resources and to move away from the isolated business opportunity-based approach toward an integrated acceleration of global business opportunities.

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Case Study on Nike's Global Women's Fitness Business Driving Strategic Integration Assignment

According to the general manager of Nike's global women's fitness component, some of the problems encountered in implementing the new strategy included difficulties in connection with working across traditional boundaries within the organization's complex, matrixed structure to establish the necessary cross-business integration to be able to establish an integrated or cohesive collection of products including footwear, apparel, and sports-related equipment for the women's market. In that regard, other specific barriers included organizing and coordinating many disparate product units and business units and many different operation sites located in remote geographic regions to share a common schedule and to work collaboratively toward a common organizational goal. In the process, the organization also had to overcome leadership challenges that emerged as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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