Nike Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot Case Study

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Nike: Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot

Nike Hiring Case

New technologies were implemented in the hiring process within Nike during a recent hiring campaign. The company first acquired an Aspen Tree product to handle the initial hiring process. This system helped break the hiring process into several parts which saved money without sacrificing the potential to find quality applicants. Initial inquiries were then handled by an interactive voice response (IVR) system which screened individual; this system automatically eliminated individuals who did not fit hourly or experience requirements. Favorable applicants who passed the first screening were then required to come into local Nike stores to take an in-store computer interview which had much more detailed questions. All potential applicants who were asked to come in for the computer interview where also interviewed personally. Individuals who passed this round were then either hired on the spot, or asked for a second interview for further consideration.

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Case Study on Nike Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot Assignment

Within this change in their hiring practices, Nike made several good human resource management decisions, with five in particular. First, the company saved money through eliminated candidates who were 100% not what the company was looking for. According to research, Nike saved $2.4 million after implementing the new hiring process (Developing Effectiveness in Human Resources 284). Additionally, Nike made sure that every candidate who was asked to come take the computer interview also got a personal interview, because "Applicants are customers as well as potential hires," (Developing Effectiveness in Human Resources 284). The company also used technology which helped fine tune the desired characteristics for managers to then base their personal decisions on. Moreover, Nike reduced large loads of applicants to more manageable groups which could be better examined in terms of their potential contributions. One Las Vegas store had over 6,000 applicants… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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