Case Study: Nike Women's Case Nike's Global

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[. . .] For example, it is not only that profitability that can drive this effort, the empowerment of women is another related cause that could be heavily promoted as a congruent objective. Therefore multiple methods of communication and messages will need to be developed in order to ensure that a sense of urgency is created. Involving as many employees as possible during this phase can also foster a sense of urgency. Such tactics might include group sessions in which a consensus is attempted to be reached, brainstorming sessions, best practice development and knowledge sharing, among other items can help facilitate these objectives.

2. Build the Change Team

Building the change team is also a vital component of the organizations initial effort for the new women's division design. The change team should be composed of leading experts from an array of cross-functional specializations. The change team, sometimes known as a steering committee, can be an invaluable asset for the initiative because it can help guide and collaborate to lead the project.

3. Create a Vision for the Change

The vision for change needs to be specific enough to embody the underlying motivations for the reorganization however is broad enough not to limit the organization to a single approach to achieving their objectives. The vision is important because it can act as the central tool in which synergy can be derived from in the organizational change.

4. Communicate the Vision

The change team will have to communicate the vision to the employees to create employee buy-in through its communication efforts. The vision must be reinforced through a variety of ways so that the messages are well-received.

5. Remove Obstacles

Any obstacles that arise in regards to the project must be mitigated in some fashion. The first step of this process involves identifying all of the looming obstacles that may present themselves. This process should involve as many people from different functional areas as possible to ensure that potential risks are identified.

6. Create Short-Term Wins

The step involves setting realistic and attainable goals and milestones so that the group can be empowered by short-term goal achievement. Creating short-term wins can offer a group a sense of accomplishment that can bring synergy and higher performances to a group.

7. Build on the Change and Anchor the Changes in the Corporate Culture

This step involves making the organizational changes into operational functions of the company. By anchoring changes directly into the corporate culture, the organization as a much greater chance that the changes become embedded into the operational practices quickly and efficiently.

8. Other conditions for change.

The change process is highly dynamic and can quickly turn in many directions. Therefore it is necessary to constantly scan for any other conditions that could affect the achievement of the organizational goals.


The organizational change should incorporate some form of total quality management approach into its design. This will allow the group to continuously focus on meeting the identical needs that the target market demands. Feedback should be received from the target market about any major decisions that the group may face in regard to product design or marketing activities. The target market can offer feedback through surveys or through focus groups. Describe an evaluative/feedback loop process to determine effectiveness and continuous development.


Nike's identification of the needs of the women's market segment offered them a valuable perspective into how they can better serve their customers in this market segment. By realigning their organization to better serve this segment the company can capture an larger total market and market share. Nike success and brand power can serve as valuable assets that can put them in a prime position to dominate the market in this market segment. By utilizing an effective change management model such as Kotter's, the company can significantly improve the probability that the project will be a success and be moved into the company's operational model.

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