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A parapet wall has little, if any, lateral stability and will present a high potential for collapse (Malanga, 1996). These structures can be easily identified because of the signs or awnings that may be attached. It is safe to assume that the parapet wall has not been engineered to take the weight and forces being applied by additional dead and live loads as a result of a fire (Dunn, 2006).

To properly establish a collapse zone, multiply the height of the building times 1 1/2 to account for falling and scattered debris (Fornell, 1995). Another critical element in preventing parapet-related firefighter deaths is preplanning. Size-up needs to start even before the run goes out. Crews should identify occupancies that present additional risk to life, safety, and property in our response area, and establish plans for that specific target hazard. It is also advised that crews should identify the age of structure, its integrity, the type of roof and interior structures and supports, building materials, and building class to make proper assessments for next steps (Dunn, 2006).

Case #3 - Explain the hazards that lightweight wooden trusses with gusset plate connectors present to firefighters working inside a structure fire.

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Lightweight truss construction often includes gusset plates and other metal joints. A gusset plate is a stamped metal plate with raised teeth that is embedded in lightweight wood truss joints at the panel joints to hold the individual truss members together. The gusset teeth usually penetrate the wood members approximately 3/8-inch. When subjected to fire these components burn and fail faster than traditional wood lumber -- they do not have the fire stopping capabilities that wood lumber has (Fornell, 1995). If firefighters do not identify that a house is constructed with these types of materials, they could be endangered by floors that will collapse faster than traditionally constructed floors, and ceilings and roofs that will fail quickly when exposed to high heat conditions (Dunn, 2006). One of the problems associated with manufactured wood trusses is the improper installation of nailing or gusset plates (Malanga, 1996). A gap of 1/6-inch between the gusset plate and the wood can reduce connection strength by up to 50%.

Essay on Niosh Report -- Fire Safety Assignment


Dunn, V. (2006). Collapse of burning buildings: A guide to fireground safety. Princeton, NJ: Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.

Fornell, D. (1995). Don't trust… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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