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I have always been a great student, interested in the creative part of the world, and these programs will thus enable me to further my passion.

In addition to my passion for studying and my academic potential, I also want to add to the social and sport life of the University. I have a long-term experience as part of a cheerleading team. I have been part of a team since my elementary school studies as George Washington Elementary and until high school at Union Hill High School. Thus, I believe that not only would I benefit the NJIT's cheerleading team, but my captain experience would enhance its efforts as well. I hope that my experience in sports will also be taken into account when I apply to a sorority on campus. I would love to be a part of a sorority in order to be able to have lifetime sisters and friend to whom I can share my worries and whom I can trust.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Njit Admission Applying for a Assignment

I thus hope that my academic and social life experience will help with enabling the admission committee make its decision. Furthermore, please note that this would be the opportunity of a lifetime for myself and my family. I would be honored to attend your institution and be able to pursue not only my ability in this field, but also my long-time passion.
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