Non Verbal Communication the Impact of Nonverbal Term Paper

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Non Verbal Communication

The Impact of Nonverbal Communication on Presentation Delivery

When giving a presentation non-verbal communication can make the difference between a successful communication and a failed one. The written word is a powerful tool that is important to a presentation. The non-written word or nonverbal use of communication however will result in the most lasting impression on the audience. There are several elements of nonverbal communication that impact a presentation's outcome and presenter's impact on the audience. Presentation effectiveness according to the article may result in career advancement. Poor presentation skills may also result in stagnation, thus it is important to examine the critical elements of presentation effectiveness.

In the article reviewed, the authors present many ideas regarding nonverbal communication. First, they acknowledge that the key to successful and effective communication may rely on proper training.

The authors suggest that presentation effectiveness is related to nonverbal elements as well as the actual content of the presentation. Nonverbal elements discussed by the author that specifically impact the audience may include the manner in which people dress, their use of vocal intonations, visuals and even body language.

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Among the nonverbal communication elements that are most important according to the authors include eye contact, posture and gestures. The authors suggest that eye contact is the most essential element of nonverbal communication, in part because eye contact is what draws the audience in and makes a presentation seem personable rather than foreign.

Eye contact allows the speaker to connect with the audience. Eye contact can be combined with smiling and nodding. Generally an audience that feels included according to the article will maintain eye contact with the speaker and smile or nod in agreement back to the person delivering speech. This acknowledgement acts as a reinforcement and may provide the speaker with positive feedback.

Term Paper on Non Verbal Communication the Impact of Nonverbal Assignment

According to the article during a presentation the use of direct eye contact may enable the speaker to appear more confident and self assured, a quality most audiences are in tune to and looking for when analyzing a speaker's message and effectiveness.

The authors further suggest that when the speaker smiles and directs eye contact toward specific members of the audience, the message of contentment and happiness is sent to the audience. Generally according to the article speakers who prepare their speech ahead of time are more able to maintain eye contact with the audience and thus have an effective presentation than those who are not.

It is possible according to the article that nonverbal communication can work toward ones dis-advantage. Being overly expressive or extreme may send the message to the audience that a speaker is actually rigid or stiff. The speaker may also come across of careless if he/she is not adequately prepared ahead of time and fails to deliver directed gestures and eye contact during the course of the presentation.

The authors suggest that posture is another critical component of nonverbal communication in a presentation setting. Posture can portray an image of self-confidence or low confidence and self-esteem. Generally a speaker that stands erectly according to the article is more likely to portray confidence. A relaxed posture, while comfortable for the speaker, may actually send a negative message. The audience may misinterpret the relaxed nature of the speaker as indicating that the speaker is careless, sloppy or disinterested in the audience.

Some important gestures described by the article can be used to clarify… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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