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¶ … non-verbal communication, which is one of the fields of social psychology. Social psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the human behavior and actions in a social situation. However, nonverbal communication facilitates the experts of the field to better understand the human behavior and nature when interacting socially. The dissertation has included aspects on a broad spectrum that how nonverbal communication is more effective and helps in determining the behavioral traits when in social interaction, social influences and social perception.

Social Psychology

One cannot ignore the fact that the study of human beings is one of the difficult and complex tasks that is performed by psychologists and social psychologists. The human nature, their actions, thoughts and behavior are studied in various aspects and in different circumstances; however, social psychology is one of the disciplines of psychology that particularly examines the social interactions of the human beings. In other words, this field of psychology focuses on the understanding of human behavior and actions in social framework (Kassin, Fein & Markus, 2010).

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According to Baron and Byrne social psychology is defined as "the scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior in social situation" (Ratele & Duncan, 2003, p. 9). Therefore, the primary aim of social psychologists is to analyze and understand how an individual or group behavior is persuaded by social perception and social interaction. In addition, social psychologists study the human nature in social context in order to determine how people interconnect, interact and respond with other people in a social situation. It means that social psychology is all about with the way the feelings, thoughts, behaviors and intentions are developed by an individual under psychological factors, which, as a consequence influence the interactions with other people.

Term Paper on Non-Verbal Communication, Which Is One of the Assignment

It can also be said that how social environment and other human beings effect and influence the nature, thoughts, feelings, actions and behavior of and individual is examined and understood by means of scientific processes and techniques is the core purpose social psychology. Therefore, it apparently explicates the fact that with social influences, social perception and social interaction are also equally important to consider while developing an understanding about the social behavior of an individual. This obviously elucidates the fact that a wide variety of social themes and areas are examined in social psychology that include group behavior, self and social identity, nonverbal behavior, aggression and violence, social cognition, attitudes, prejudice and so forth (Kassin, Fein & Markus, 2010).

Considering the themes of social psychology nonverbal communication is one of the subject matter that is significant to study, as it has remained one of the most crucial processes since time immemorial that particularly helps people communicate with one another. This is usually due to the reason that man is a social animal, who constantly come under the process of interaction and communication with a wide range of people and under several different situations during his life.

Communication is hence a practice where the information is transferred or transmitted from one person to another. However, communication is a widespread phenomenon due to which it is divided into several forms that provides the option to the people to have easy communication and transmission of their messages. Communication and exchange of information and the entire phenomenon of interaction is based on various signals, symbols or signs that are wordless. While taking into account the types of communication verbal and non-verbal communication are the two vital modes that enable an individual to share and transmit the information to other people.

Non-verbal communication is considerably more difficult and complicated during the analysis process of social psychology. This is principally due to the reason that nonverbal communication performed an individual communicates the emotional information, which is the most powerful tool of influence. Additionally, nonverbal communication is complex as involves facial expressions, body movements, paralanguage, gestures, eye contact, tone and pitch of voice, touch, and physical space while communicating or expressing their information. Furthermore, the nonverbal communication leaves a more intense impact on how one feels and thinks about other people that come in contact with them. In fact, it has also come to an observation that non-verbal communication elements is also used in printed contents as well by various people for instance, handwriting style, arrangement of words, page physical layout and so on.

The body language, body movements and postures conveys a profusion of information within the non-verbal communication for example the level of interest, concentration, attention, involvement and liking of an individual towards the other person or his communication. On the other hand, the gestures and facial expressions of an individual are considered as the alternative method instead of words that is used for greetings and expression of emotions such as happiness, sadness, hatred, fear, surprise, anger, interest, panic, and so on.

Wide ranging researches have brought the fact to the forefront that different culture and society can have different meanings for a particular symbolic gesture. The meanings of same nonverbal gestures can vary and contrast by diverse cultures. This means that a same nonverbal code can be admiring or praising in one culture or society, while it can signify highly unpleasant or insulting nature for the same code for another culture or civilization.

Quite in a similar manner, apparel, attire or dress code is also an imperative type of non-verbal communication that cannot be ignored or overlooked. The personality, financial status, family background, culture, confidence level, interest, values, beliefs and various other aspects are reflected through the type of clothing that is carried by an individual.

The physical space between two or more people is also an essential component of non-verbal communication. The physical space deeply influence and affects the meaning or interpretation of the message when it is exchanged or communicated between two parties. Nevertheless, extensive researches have also brought the fact to the surface that different cultures and societies have different meaning for the utilization of space during the conversation.

With regard to the subject matter of nonverbal communication, a variety of studies have exposed the piece of information that a nonverbal communication constitutes a major proportion in comparison to verbal communication that makes up only a small percentage of the communication process. The reason that is revealed behind this difference is the non-engagement or utilization of worlds and language during the nonverbal communication. Even when the two or more people are socially gathered under one roof, nonverbal communication takes place on a constant basis through body languages, facial expressions or gestures even if nobody is speaking. In addition, this aspect also contributes to explicit, open and casual communication with other person or group of people.

Extensive studies have made comparison between verbal and nonverbal communication in order to determine the significance of non-verbal communication that leads to the social behavior and actions of an individual in a social environment. The studies in this regard have concluded the fact that people prefer to use the nonverbal communication in their everyday lives in a more extensive manner due to its quality of openness. In addition, it has also come to notice that people believe nonverbal communication allows them to communicate their emotions, feelings and thoughts much more effective and fruitful way, and hence it is more preferred by them.

Social psychologists have put forward the reality that nonverbal communication facilitates in building, flourishing and fostering strong and healthier relationships because face-to-face communication is one of its essential elements that involve various aspects of body language. As a consequence of it, nonverbal communication creates strong emotional bonding or true feelings cannot be seen or felt. This evidently highlights the piece of information that nonverbal communication aids the person in openly communicating the messages of fondness, respect, friendliness, affection, admiration, and so on.

On the other end of the spectrum, extensive researches and studies also highlight the piece of information that nonverbal communication is also used even if there is no face-to-face communication. For instance, telephonic conversation also employs the nonverbal communication by means of voice of tone, pace, and speed of conversation speaks about how well a person is interested in the communication process. The harsh tone is the expression that the person on the telephone is not interested in what the other person is speaking.

Numerous sources of information have brought the fact to the surface that nonverbal communication has proved to be effective in various aspects of life of an individual that includes both personal life as well as professional life. This can be well explained from the example that appropriate clothing with proper shoes, adequate fragrance and the way of greeting in association with other nonverbal communication can create a good impression on a job interview. However, in a personal relationship, the tone of voice, body language, eye contact, touch and other gestures speak of the strength and intensity of the relationship. This is typically due to the reason that nonverbal communication is all about how you demonstrate and express yourself.

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