Nonrenewable vs. Renewable Energy Use Essay

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Non-renewable sources of energy have the potential of shaping foreign policies of industrialized and developed countries. Countries such as the U.S., China, Russia, and India strive to secure the non-renewable bases of energy resources (Asif & Muneer, 2007). Industrial and non-industrial use: Though, non-renewable energy has assumed much importance in the policy discourse of governments, NGOs, and transnational corporate bodies of the world, industrial and large scale manufacturing is still dependent on power generation from non-renewable sources of energy. Petroleum and petroleum products, natural gas, and coal remain the dominant non-renewable resources used by manufacturing and production plants to generate power and other products. This particular difference is still large enough to exist during several years to come.


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The use of non-renewable and renewable energy is for various purposes. Renewable sources are those energy sources that are not under the threat of depletion whereas non-renewable sources of energy are bound to be finished soon, if consumed at current rate. Fossil fuels and radioactive fuels are main types of energy sources in non-renewable category. In fossil fuels, natural gas, petroleum, and coal are widely used for energy. Petroleum is the most abundantly used non-renewable energy source vital in manufacturing of several hundred products. In renewable energy category, sun and sun light are the major source of energy. Wind and geothermal energy are also utilized for heating and power generation. Major contrast in both the energy types is related to their supply, usability, GHG emissions, cost, and industry development phase. The U.S. And Europe are two major investors in renewable and sustainable energy policy during the coming decades. As reported by NERL (2012), the U.S. government plans to meet 80% of its electricity needs from renewable sources of energy by 2050.


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TOPIC: Essay on Nonrenewable vs. Renewable Energy Use Assignment

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