Term Paper: Nuclear Crisis in Iran at Present

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¶ … Nuclear Crisis in Iran

At present there seems to be a failure in the efforts of international diplomacy to turn Iran away from pursuing a path of nuclear proliferation. The European Union, as in keeping with idealistic solutions of conciliation, offered a non-proliferation incentive package to Tehran in the beginning of summer 2005 which was "comprised of nuclear technology, trade advantages, and a security dialogue," and was "far from empty" in terms of the bonuses it offered (Dupre, 2007).

But Tehran rejected this package, and although an idealist might suggest another, more attractive offer, a realist solution seems more feasible. Furthermore, independent analysis suggests that there is no way that Iran's nuclear technology is designed for energy purposes alone, as Iran alleges. Furthermore, there is no right to enrich uranium under the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, and Iran stands in flagrant violation of this stipulation. Also, "Tehran breached the Paris Agreement, resumed conversion, and undertook R&D enrichment and production of enriched uranium up to 3.5% with 164 centrifuges (April 2006) while testing a second cascade with the intention to install 3000 centrifuges by… [END OF PREVIEW]

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