Nuclear Power Nuclear Energy Research Paper

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On the other hand, fossil fuels remain the only viable alternative energy source for powering the world's industry and travel. In fact, researchers have found that oil price increases have had a directly positive impact on nuclear energy consumption, as nuclear energy is cheaper to produce for a variety of reasons than many energy production methods that utilize oil-derived fuels (Lee & Chiu 2011). This means that in order to provide a real incentive to eliminate nuclear energy, there would either need to be a massive reduction in the cost of extracting, transporting, and refining oil, or a development of power plants and infrastructures that operate on entirely different fuel sources and mechanisms (e.g. solar, wind, or hydroelectric generation). Economically speaking, nuclear energy still makes more sense for most developed countries than expanding more traditional fossil fuel energy sources or moving to other alternatives, even with increased safety costs (Lee & Chiu 2011).

There are many other facets to the nuclear energy debate besides safety and cost, including both direct and indirect environmental concerns of both nuclear and fossil fuel plants, capacity and demand issues, and other concerns. All of these add to the complexity of the issue, and make it impossible to come to a simple conclusion regarding whether or not nuclear energy sources should continue to be utilized. As energy needs grow and fossil fuel supplies diminish, however, this question becomes ever more pressing.

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Bommer, J., Papaspiliou, M. & Price, W. (2011). Earthquake response spectra for seismic design of nuclear power plants in the UK. Nuclear Engineering and Design 241(3): 968-77.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Nuclear Power Nuclear Energy: The Assignment

Lee, C. & Chiu, Y. (2011). Oil prices, nuclear energy consumption, and economic growth: New evidence using a heterogeneous… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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