Nuclear Power. Need Write Assessment Essay

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When considering nuclear power and reasons why it would be wrong for society to consider it a viable alternative to fossil fuels and to all other kinds of energy, most people are probable to think about nuclear accidents that occurred throughout history and claimed numerous lives. The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion and emission of radioactive material into the environment is certainly one of the most catastrophic nuclear events throughout history. This incident enabled people to understand that it was wrong for them to underestimate the potential harm that nuclear energy can cause. The more recent Fukushima power plant incident further contributed to emphasizing the fact that nuclear energy was very unstable and that it is very dangerous to use it. The event involved a tsunami causing a power plant to malfunction and for the area in the plant's vicinity to become polluted with radioactive energy, thus causing individuals there to have to be relocated to safer territories. Among other problems with nuclear accidents, one of the most important issues is that they rendered a place inhospitable for numerous years after they actually occur (Mcleish 7).

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People are virtually presented with an ethical dilemma when having to choose whether they consider nuclear energy to be good or bad. Even though it has caused catastrophic accidents throughout history, nuclear power has a very good safety record. One of the best methods to deal with nuclear energy would be to invest large amounts of finances in testing strategies that would make power plants safer, as these respective finances would most certainly be compensated by the series of gains associated with nuclear energy.

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Essay on Nuclear Power. Need Write Assessment Assignment

McLeish, Ewan, "Nuclear Power: The Pros… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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