Nuclear Weaponry Nuclear Weapons Research Paper

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In that respect, the most popular front of war -- particularly during the Cold War -- was drastically altered and came to include a political chess game in which countries would feint at one another and prepare to engage in battle (the likes of which could conceivably destroy the planet) and actually do nothing but disarm and mount similar latent "offensives" by seeking other such targets.

The effects of nuclear weapons, as demonstrated by the political objectives of varying nation states and by the particular enemies and opponents who face one another, are still being felt today. One of the principle reasons that the United States attempted to overthrow Saddam Hussein and his progenies power in Iraq was because the nation was believed to be harboring nuclear weapons, which were also referred to as weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. involvement in Iraq, which is still ongoing although many sources claim that the war officially ended in 2011, is an excellent example of how the power of nuclear weaponry can affect the political and social objectives of parts of the world. Since nuclear weapons able to obliterate entire sections of the planet, the U.S. felt obligated to endure a lengthy military campaign with several losses of lives on both sides to preserve the current free state of the world. Additionally, Iraq was believed to have aided Al-Qaeda, which was credited with the attack on the World Trade Center in 2011, and which was believed to have been funded and trained in part by the Soviet Union near the end of the Cold War.

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In summary, nuclear weapons have had a significant impact upon the world in the approximately 65 years of their existence. They helped to fuel one of the primary (and possibly one of the most enduring) conflict of the 20th century, the Cold War, which was highlighted by the Cuban Missile Crisis. They also continue to play a part in the alignment of nations and in the political objectives of various countries throughout the world today, including the U.S., Iraq, as well as North Korea.

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