Nurse Practitioner Interview Term Paper

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Nurse Practitioner Interview

According to the Nurse Practitioner that I interviewed, there are many pros and cons to working as a nurse today. Nursing is not an easy job, she told me. This was something that I already knew about, but I did not have a complete understanding of how serious some of the problems with nursing had become until I talked with her at length about the issue. Being a Nurse Practitioner today brings with it a lot of different pressures to take care of patients, be able to spend time with family, and train others that are just new to the profession and are 'learning the ropes.' The issues that these Nurse Practitioners must deal with are enormous, but most people do not realize how much these people must endure, and often for very little recognition. When lives are saved, it is usually the doctor that gets the credit instead of the nurse or team of nurses that provide care to the patient. This is not because the patient does not care about the work of the nurse, but often because the patient does not realize how much of a role in his or her care the nurse actually has. While nursing has changed a great deal in recent years, the perception of what a nurse does has not, and most of the beliefs about what nurses do and what they are capable of are outdated. They can handle much more than just taking temperature and patting a patient's hand to make them feel better. They are medical professionals who work very hard at their jobs.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Nurse Practitioner Interview According to the Nurse Assignment

The main goal of nursing, and therefore the main pro-of doing so, is to provide patients with high-quality care and ensure that they are treated the best way possible within the limits of the time that is available and the finances that a hospital has. Nurses that are dedicated to their jobs strive to ensure that their patients have all of the comforts that they need and that they are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. People are in the hospital because they need help, and nurses are around to provide that help much more frequently than… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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