Nurses Hiring and Retention Strategy Business Plan

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The relationship can become destructive for that matter. The experienced nurse and inexperienced nurse aren't able to see eye-to-eye with each other.

This creates damaging results both for organization and the relationship involved. Apart from that both the mentors and mentees aren't able focus on issue of confidentiality. Different degree of damages can occur at this level as the mentor is taking advantage of the mentee. In any case otherwise, the mentees should be able to select their own mentors. This will promote strong bonds.

Mentor training

Some nurses had insignificant education; hence they would be inadequate in their role as a mentor. The token mentors aren't able to perform justice to their duties. Many mentors aren't able to do justice to their role as their training was hollow and their learning stemmed from observing people.

F. Compose a short orientation for new nurses

The word regular indicates employees which are hired to work full time and part time. They are paid by the university payroll department. The regular employees are those which have their particular position number (F, not FP).

Before employment:

In case of administrative staff and faculty, the following list is sent over to the nurse by the hospital:

Offer letter

Personal digital identity form (PDID)

Personal data (PD)

Background check

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The HRS must be having the background check form. The hiring department must make use of offer letter / phone call for the top positions. The new recruit must pass through the background check form. He must undergo the Ergo Med form as well as Personal Digital Identity form (PDID) too. All the recruits must undergo the background check form and other checks. The nurse can't start work until this paperwork is done with.

Business Plan on Nurses Hiring and Retention Strategy Assignment

After the necessary paperwork is done with, it's time for the hospital to setup a welcome for the nurse explaining the date, place and how to work. HRS must handout a parking map to assist the nurse with parking spaces. For upper level positions such as administrative and faculty staff, the hospital will need to send the PDID form, Personal Data form and Payroll data form to HRS at the earliest convenience. The manager in-charge will need to finish up the orientation day checklist which includes the following:

Get ready the working environment

Banner access

Business cards

Bear number

Telephone numbers

Computer required access

The first week

Supervisors should carry on to work all through the Orientation Checklist of the Department. They ought to date the items as they finish them.

The next week

The managers will need to oversee the first week and work with the nurses ensuring that a suitable coordinator is present at his disposal. The online training must be kept to speed. Finish the department orientation checklist and submit the copy to HRS department whilst instituting new trainings as well.

Initial month

Talk and go through over the plans/aims for the review period regarding the administrative-exempt and confidential employees. HRS must receive a sign copy of the evaluation.


In case the recruit in present in a state classified personnel system then, execute a midyear evaluation and submit the copy to HRS department till December 15th.In case, the recruit is an administrative level employee, then: The administrative level employees should undergo the mid-year review to evaluate their performance.

The first and onwards

When the nurse is present in a state classified personal system: Execute the yearly evaluation and submit the evaluation to HRS till March 31st. till April 30th, PDQ must be read through and plan aims to be attained soon. When the recruit is an administrative level employee: The yearly evaluation must be executed and the copy to HRS till June 30th. Go through the PDQ and plan for the next aims. The HRS must have a copy till July 31st.


The nurses should get their performance evaluated from time to time rather than once / twice a year.

Succession planning

The nurses require training to work for next advanced stages of the organization.


Even though the process is well thought out and seamlessly planned. Sometimes, candidates or the managers can't come to terms with each other requiring them to resign. In this case, the nurse should inform the hospital immediately so necessary steps are taken to see off the nurse. Ensure that a proper payroll data form is sent to the HRS department to indicate start and end of the contract. In case, the nurse resigns unofficially without an actual paperwork, then HRS should look into this matter immediately and make sure his/her account is shutdown. Apart from that, take the keys, the identification card and relevant paperwork. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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