Nursing Administration Specialist Dr. M Research Proposal

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2. There is likely to be profound resistance to the push to discontinuing unionization amongst the nursing staff, who are very loyal to their union ties.

3. Staff members are profoundly resistant to change, given that they have been working there for decades and are resent an outsider like Dr. M giving them advice.

4. Nurses have relatively low levels of education -- most have AAs and only a quarter have BSNs.

5. There is also tremendous friction between doctors and nurses, perhaps because of this educational discrepancy.


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In terms of the hospital's strengths, there is profound community goodwill and a desire for it to succeed, as well as new-found institutional support from the university system that has acquired it. However, hospital has many weaknesses. Some of these are administrative, such as the inefficiencies of patient transport from the ED and the ways in which patients are overseen in terms of their care. This exacerbates the unavoidable societal problem of uninsured people using the ED as a site of primary care. There is also a great deal of animosity amongst the staff members on every level. There are opportunities to bring in new nurses and improve nurses' existing credentials as well as a change of leadership, which can be a harbinger of creative, out-of-the-box thinking. However threats remain -- it is uncertain if the hospital can remain solvent and compete with more efficient entities in the wake of the staff's change resistance. Also, introducing new staff will take time and may be resisted by the still-unionized nurses who may fear losing their jobs.

Research Proposal on Nursing Administration Specialist Dr. M's Assignment

The problem of escalating healthcare costs and a lack of insured patients are endemic to all hospitals. These chronic conditions cannot be solved by the hospital alone. However, in the short-term, new standard operating procedures can improve productivity, including mandating physicians discharge patients within a specific timeframe and creating a day as well as a night shift transport from the ED, to reduce the amount of work at night and paperwork at night. Although improving the credentials of the nurses is not something that can be done immediately, shifting to a 24-hour model with the existing staff is one possibility, as well as giving nurses greater authority over patients. This could also increase the perceived respect of nurses in the eyes of physicians, given that all nurses would have greater responsibility on an individual basis for patient care, increasing their sphere… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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